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performance woes

  •  02-29-2008, 13:18

    performance woes

    hi all,

     I purchased a new computer as I wanted to edit my hi def movies.  My old computer would NOT do a thing witht he new bigger files.

    ok, so i bought a new computer

    dual core 2.66 ghz
    4 gigs of RAM
    GFORCE 8800 video card with 512 mb ram

    now i am editing my video... its not nearly ideal, but i can get through it.  the issue is it takes 5-10 sexonds between every sceen cut, edit, etc... before i can play the movie again and see the result.

    rendering the titles and fade/wipes, take forever to complete....  at this rate, it will add 3 times the hours i would normally need to complete a project..... 


    is anyone else seeing this ?  I would consider this a fairly high end computer now, but it still isnt good enough ?

    now what... buy another new computer ??


    ps - i even tried to use END-IT-ALL before doing any work to free us memory...  this helps a little


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