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Re: Time for a new computer

  •  02-19-2008, 8:00

    Re: Time for a new computer

    Everyone understands that AVCHD takes lots of CPU, GPU, and RAM.  Some advanced functions and effects do too.  Those who are about to upgrade from P4, and who can get quad core, probably should.

    Just remember, though, that few pre-2008 desktops were quad core and, even today, quad core notebooks barely exist.  A 2.4 core 2 duo notebook is still faster than the average media notebook on sale.   Hopefully, that is enough speed to edit 1920x1080 with basic functionality.

     However, what about 17mbps 1920x1080 24p?  That is an option on most of the AVCHD videocams to hit the market in the next 8 weeks.  Will Studio 11.2 handle that?  What minimum PC specs will it demand?

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