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Re: Video Transfer Gone Wrong!

  •  02-15-2008, 2:32

    Re: Video Transfer Gone Wrong!

    One thing you have to keep in mind is: apple only designed the itunes library and the ipods database to be one directional..

    that means, that captured video will not automatically be transfered to the itunes library once you synchronise. Per default, pinnacle video transfer is deactivating some of the sync options of the ipod. the reason for this is , otherwise the just captured files would be deleted.

    So the best way would be to capture on your ipod, then attach it to your pc. use the explorer to browse to your ipods files and then copy it to your harddisk. The second option would be to register to get our free tool, start it and use it to make backup copies either to your harddisk or the itunes library automatically.


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