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AW: Re: AW: Re: When ARE you going to fix the "no sound on DVD" bug?

  •  02-11-2008, 14:17

    AW: Re: AW: Re: When ARE you going to fix the "no sound on DVD" bug?


    Thanks for the update. I'm not really educated enough to fully understand all that you have posted, but could you ask answer a couple of questions?

    3) If the compiling component can not identify the format of the audio file, it defaults to MPEG-Audio.
    Does this mean if I make a DVD that has mpeg-Audio, then even if something goes wrong with the compiling module, it will default to mpeg-Audio, the .IFO file will match the format used and I can safely distribute my DVDs, at least to people with PAL players?

    • The audio file is not created correctly caused by a codec error, e.g. the first audio packet in the file is incomplete.
    • The audio file is in use by another process (virus scanner, …)
    You suspect that the bug is only reproducible on systems with alien video codecs or virus protection/scanning in place? On a clean boot partion with only Studio the problem never occurs? I have a partion just like that, but didn't use it to make the disc that started this particular complaint.

    Clearly you can't expect everyone to keep their computers completely free of other video apps or virus/spyware protection. Perhaps we need to start a list of what is also on the computer that occasionally produces a bugged DVD.

    That make any sense? Wink 

     I think it works for MPEG-Audio, yes.

    The possible reasons for the error i mentioned are just assumptions. I also have virus protection and a lot of codecs on my machine and DVD export still works.

    As soon as i know more, i will let you know.


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