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New beta firmware update released 21.81

  •  01-28-2008, 2:37

    New beta firmware update released 21.81

    A new beta firmware for ShowCenter is available here.

    New features

    • A much improved UPnP AV client with better compatibility to popular UPnP AV server software
    • Windows Vista support by using Windows Media Player 11 as the server
    • WMV9 fast forward/rewind improvements
    • Support for RealNetworks Rhapsody (by using the UPnP server of the Rhapsody application)

    Additional features and bug fixes when using the Pinnacle server software (Windows XP only):

    • Dolby® Digital audio may be sent to the analog outputs (requires a paid activation using the Pinnacle server software)
    • Playback of files protected with Microsoft DRM is fixed
    • Internet radio playback now starts up faster again
    • DivX® files with Dolby® Digital sound play in sync again
    • DivX® v3 is supported again (note that only some variations of this format may be played)

    Known issues of this version:

    • Playing VBR MP3s a second time results in wrong duration
    • Some WMV files play without audio
    • Visualization: scrolling text does not scroll
    • Server detection directly after a Wi-Fi setup sometimes fails (turn ShowCenter off and on to fix this)
    • No cursor highlight after stopping photo slideshow (move cursor to make it appear)
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