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Re: No sound on DVD

  •  01-22-2008, 11:15

    Re: No sound on DVD

    This thread addresses a case where the disk image VOB stream files have sound, and the burned disk may play back OK on a PC, but there is no sound when playback is on a dedicated DVD player.  True or false?

    Anyone encounter a (totally different?) problem where the project exhibits sound in PS DVD preview, but neither the VOB files on the disk image or the burned disk has any sound?

    This has happend to me twice in a three week period.  In both cases, the first attempt to burn a disk succeeded.  However, after revising the project, both the disk image and the discs burnt were silent.  It did not help to delete the auxiliary files.  Using IFOEDIT to reset the VTS (VGM / VTS) folder audio specifications (setting them all to MPEG1) did not help.  When I checked other discs with good sound, they turned out to have audio specs (PCM, MPEG1 in one folder, Dolby AC3 for both in the other) anyway.

    Stumped. Sad

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