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Re: Smart Sound vs. Scorefitter

  •  01-17-2008, 12:14

    Re: Smart Sound vs. Scorefitter

    Hi Joe

    Well, one never stops learning. I now see that Moviebox Plus comes with Studio 11

    I was looking at an older page earlier. It was the first one up in a search there and that is where I got the 10.6 wrong.

    So that leaves the question where did Smartsounds come from on your system.

    As to the two files.

    sound_b is ---- Scorefitter

    • Style: Folk/Traditional
    • Song: Club Fiesta
    • Version: Habanero Man

    sound_c is ---- SmartSounds Quicktracks

    • Style: Pop/Dance
    • Song: On The Town
    • Version: Headin' Out

    What happened to sound_a, well it was just too well known.

    It was from Quicktracks and I couldn't find anything in Scorefitter that was close in sound.

    • Style: World
    • Song: Island Party
    • Version: Pool Side

    I just thought it would be fun to put up a couple to compare. Remember that both of these were done in the plugins, inside of Studio. I made no changes of kHz, volume and other adjustments.

    I'm sure the Sonicfire Pro from SmartSound does or gives many more possiblities to produce better tones. At least I would hope so, it costs $200 for the lower end with what looks like two very important menus missing, The 'full' program is $300. While it is a network program, it also has two, which look like very powerful, editing menus that the $200 version doesn't have.

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