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User Film: Hitman Training Video

Last post 06-08-2007, 16:26 by loosecannon. 4 replies.
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  •  05-29-2007, 12:59 8657

    User Film: Hitman Training Video

    Hi, this is a video I made with the help of my brothers, sisters and my dad. It is a JOCKING video. Intended for a good laugh from the family. This video was not made for youtube but after making it I thought it would be fun to post it. I had a thread going on the old forum, so I will share what is bad.


    Things I need to change

    • The narrators sometimes can't find the right words
    • The "Fiber-wire" scene is violent and should be changed
    • Some shots are blurry
    • Some continuity problems



    Please Critic - I do this for a HOBBY and want some constructive criticism in order to improve  

  •  05-29-2007, 23:27 8782 in reply to 8657

    Re: User Film: Hitman Training Video

    Hi It was very good the only point I would pick up on is that in some scenes you would need to edit a bit quicker and cut out where the actors are standing still waiting to act and redo some scenes where the take needed redoing ie trying to open a doorbut was too long, but WELL DONE
  •  06-06-2007, 5:39 11198 in reply to 8657

    Re: User Film: Hitman Training Video

    At the beginning of the video, you might want to speed it up a bit starting from the Title up to the part where the kids are shown... all in all, i would like to commend you in doing a great job... an the violence? not that much... yeah, the narrators cannot seem to find a perfect term, but hey, narrating is different from the video editin part... narrating is just done after the whole thing has been created.

    looking forward to your next clip...

  •  06-08-2007, 13:18 11973 in reply to 11198

    Re: User Film: Hitman Training Video

    the narration was done randomly with almost no retakes, i put on the movie told him "say something about the equipmeant needed" and then he said it


    ya.. the violance lol


    ok, so the whole beggining section is just a little long, maybe once i have time (i'm edditing pinhead right now) i will make V. 2


  •  06-08-2007, 16:26 12040 in reply to 11973

    Re: User Film: Hitman Training Video


     the time to get your Pinhead entry in is over tonight at midnight, Pacific time. you better hurry! Indifferent

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