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Bleached Menu

Last post 06-22-2022, 1:45 by Bob keen. 4 replies.
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  •  06-21-2022, 2:40 822651

    Bleached Menu

    This is not particularly important inasmuch as it does not affect anything being output, but is a minor annoyance which I would like to fix if I can.

    When I load a saved menu to amend it, any picture that I place in it looses it's colour. Also the lettering above which i have in red with a yellow border becomes black with a yellow border. However, once I leave the menu edit, the image above the timeline and that in the preview window appear normal again. Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed? 

  •  06-21-2022, 8:23 822654 in reply to 822651

    Re: Bleached Menu

    I'm guessing that the menu may have been derived from one of the stock menus that can work in both 2D and 3D projects...

    Do you see the "3D Glasses" button in the tools under the preview window? If so, if it's showing as "Anaglyph", try changing it to "Left Eye". That ought to suppress unwanted 3D effects in the preview.


  •  06-21-2022, 12:37 822655 in reply to 822654

    Re: Bleached Menu

    Hi Richard

    This is not a stock menu but one that I created from scratch. 

  •  06-21-2022, 13:36 822656 in reply to 822655

    Re: Bleached Menu

    I've already escalated to Corel a somewhat similar issue :

    • add the menu called Standard - GoldTechno sub
    • modify the menu
    • in the menu editor select Buttons, General buttons
    • select button called Corporate new product
    • all of sudden, the menu preview is now set to 3Dand colors bleached out
    • if you go to Stereoscopic setting, the word Stereoscopic is trimmed and the check box can't be reached so you can't set menu back to 2D
    Same happens with many other menus and buttons.

  •  06-22-2022, 1:45 822659 in reply to 822656

    Re: Bleached Menu

    Thanks for that Yann. It is only a minor thing which is easy to live with and only becomes significant if you want to check if text shows up sufficiently on a given background.


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