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Transition Check Mark When Used

Last post 03-10-2022, 1:22 by saby. 3 replies.
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  •  03-02-2022, 16:43 820810

    Transition Check Mark When Used

    I would love to see a green check mark above a transition I have already used in a project, just like the ones above photos or videos or music I am using.  With so many transitions available, I jump around looking for ones I like, and I would love to be able to tell with the green check mark if I've already used one, instead of wondering if I used it or not and then trying to find out.  Or am I missing something in the program that already does that?  Thanks for your consideration.
  •  03-03-2022, 5:55 820813 in reply to 820810

    Re:Transition Check Mark When Used

    Most people don t use so many different transitions in a project and don t need these check marks, unlike with clips.

    Workaround : 

    Each time you add a new transition you can rate it in the library. Therefore its thumbnail will show a little asterisk. Then it s easy to identify which transition has been already used or not.

  •  03-09-2022, 23:15 820940 in reply to 820813

    Re: Re:Transition Check Mark When Used

    Thanks for the suggestion, but if I do that, when I go into another project, will the asterisk still be there?  If so, would there be a way to reset all the asterisks?  I'm just trying to determine if I have used a specific transition in the current project I'm working on, not if I've ever used it.
  •  03-10-2022, 1:22 820942 in reply to 820940

    Re: Re:Transition Check Mark When Used

    Indeed, the asterix are not reseted if you open a new project.

    My workaround is not perfect. 


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