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nieuwe patch PS25

Last post 05-07-2022, 9:24 by Marcus 3. 9 replies.
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  •  12-02-2021, 12:15 818776

    nieuwe patch PS25

    Er is een nieuwe patch uit voor PS25 (versie  Wat is er verbeterd?

    Groeten Dick 

  •  12-02-2021, 13:50 818780 in reply to 818776

    Re: nieuwe patch PS25

    Dat zou ik ook graag willen weten. Ik kan het niet vinden nadat ik heb geupdate en ook niet op internet.
  •  12-02-2021, 14:44 818785 in reply to 818780

    Re: nieuwe patch PS25

    Dit is de fix lijst:

    Clarify usage for RedEye correction
    Mavic drone video jerks/jumps in exported file
    Transitions and effects added from closed "stack" are No Preset, not default setting (Beta 0720)
    Rendering very slow in 24.1, ok in earlier 24 or in 23. Need hotfix for 24 (Beta 0730)
    External preview goes black during editing
    Timeline+Export render speed comparison, 25 vs 24.1 vs 23.2
    PS crashes when open older project or load old *.psmask file, then switch to Mask tab
    Clips from DJI drone have frame drop in export, wrongly detected for Same as Timeline
    Pan and Zoom Animated is not working, if opened with context menu (Beta 0760)
    Color Picker: gradient overwrites solid (not a regression)
    Color Picker: eliminate Apply step
    Effects, change border color doesn't work (Beta 0768)
    Trimming a gap was possible in 23, but no longer in 24.1 or 25
    When a tooltip is the same text as a button, don't display it
    Two reports of force-restart during installation
    Open Pan and Zoom from timeline context menu, opens legacy editor
    Mask: when no track exists above, cannot drag clip mask up to create a track mask
    Split Screen: three drawn zones will always display right to left, but zones are left to right
    Properties: allow 400% for size
    Mask: 200% or more, try to erase will remove mask
    Solid color sample images for PS
    Title background fill - keep aspect setting change doesn't display in icon
    Request: percentage setting for LUT
    High resolution photo, PnZ scrub fails, tab may vanish
    Save shortcut: 3 clicks should select all text
    Delete photo from Library, PS is unresponsive for 25 seconds
    After play-pause, BGr does not resume
    Noise Reduction: explaining text can be cut off, in some monitor settings.
    Background rendering is stalled, on AMD Ryzen PC
    8K clips from Samsung S21 have red thumbnails and black preview, on Ryzen PC
    Scene Detection controls for Dazzle Import, are missing in PS25
    Mask: feather only works if detect edge is enabled
    Mask: after detect, Replace and Auto-Advance buttons are missing
    Mask: after detect, handles box may appear, preventing editing mask outside of box
    After Scaling->Fill, can't trim photo anymore
    Reported: Scorefitter/Smartsound song name not shown in tooltip (Beta 0789)
    Disc Menu text can't be edited in the Preview window (Beta 0791)
    Clip trimming limited, displayed duration wrong (Beta 0792)
    Mask: double-click on clip mask, opens Properties
    Mask: Below track 3, can't go from Track Mask to Clip Mask
    Mask: example clips where smart object mask doesn't work, in Low, Medium, or High
    Mask: detect again should ignore previous result
    Transition: rate one preset and will apply to all, since PS24
    Library gets stuck, won't refresh at switching bins
    PS crashes after some timeline editing
    Mask:  add Modify button to Face masking
    Mask: improve the position of the face related buttons
    Mask:  freehand and wand are disabled
    Mask:  recognize the face in the second video, the previous video is analyzed
    5.1:  Reset doesn't work, sets random values
    Color Wheel, Gain UI in wrong position
    Title:  when special characters present, text box selection doesn't select as expected
    MCC: installation files remain
    Red thumbnails in Library, were okay in 25.0.1
    Mask: should remember last mask tool state, when select again
    Edit some NewBlue transitions, PS crashes
    Much slower export of titles in PS25 (Beta 0803)
    French translation correction, 5.1 Front / Rear
    PS crashes during editing project with noise reduction
    PnZ view trimmed more of asset than expected
    Overlays: rename solid colors category
    "Roxio Setup Log" in C: root, after 243
    HEVC export fails on system with newer Intel graphic drivers (Beta 0808)
    Mask: Track all Frames
    After undo few steps, pink line is removed from clip, but effect editor shows effect still applied
    Mask: deleted shape is displayed in preview
    Support new animated titles
    Timeline scrubber jumps to an unselected clip when doing Time Remapping keyframing
    "Show Grid" tooltip as single line
    Can’t edit title text after switching tabs (Beta 0815)
    PS audio is muted after after change NR parameters (Beta 0816)
    Stabilize has stopped working (Beta 0817)
    Mask: when open a PS24 mask project, the Algorithm dropdown box is present
    Crash: Select title text, then "Cut" (Beta 0819)
    Title: context menu "Cut" on single word deletes whole line, but Ctrl+X, Del or Backspace works fine
    MyDVD multi-language integration 

    Sorry voor het Engels, de tijd om te vertalen ontbreekt me momenteel. 

  •  12-03-2021, 4:21 818803 in reply to 818776

    Betreft: nieuwe patch PS25

    Helaas, ik heb de patch geïnstalleerd maar jammer genoeg blijft PS 25 Crashen bij het aan sluiten van iets op een USB poort.

    Groeten Dick 

  •  12-03-2021, 5:26 818805 in reply to 818803

    nieuwe patch PS25

    Dat bekend probleem doet zich voor bij bepaalde pc's en onder onduidelijke omstandigheden en is inderdaad nog niet voor iedereen opgelost.
  •  03-12-2022, 9:29 821001 in reply to 818805

    Betreft: nieuwe patch PS25

    Bij de Patch 25,1,0,345 is het probleem opgelost

  •  05-05-2022, 4:04 822060 in reply to 821001

    Betreft: nieuwe patch PS25

    Waar kan ik de patch vinden mijn pinnacle 25 start immers niet meer op. Ook niet na herinstalleren.
  •  05-05-2022, 6:31 822063 in reply to 822060

    Betreft: nieuwe patch PS25

    Ik denk dat je met deze vraag bij onze moderator moet zijn, misschien dat hij een oplossing weet.


  •  05-07-2022, 8:12 822087 in reply to 822060

    Re: Betreft: nieuwe patch PS25

    1 345 nieuwe patch 

     2. Een studio reset 

     3. installeren (check) Netframework 4.8!

  •  05-07-2022, 9:24 822088 in reply to 822087

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: nieuwe patch PS25

    Probeer deze eens:

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