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Studio 24 Crashing

Last post 09-10-2021, 18:20 by rjh213. 1 replies.
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  •  09-10-2021, 17:52 816876

    Studio 24 Crashing

    I made the mistake of upgrading from 22 to 24 in hopes some of the "features" in 22 that gave me problems would have been fixed in 24.  Instead, it's worse.  I have spent hours on a project and did saves along the way.  All of the sudden, my timeline was completely empty.  When I try to open the last saved project, it crashes.  I tried rebooting my PC (Windows 10) and that didn't help.  When I open my project, I can see the over 50 videos and pictures I had in my project are still showing in my project bin, but NONE of them show the green check mark indicating they are in the project.  I know they were there because I just spent a couple of hours editing them and adding titles.  Now I can't even open my latest saved version.  And I had more than 1.  I would occasionally save as Project 1 for example, make a lot changes then save as Project 2, allowing me to go back to an older one if I decided I didn't like the changes I had made.  Now the program just crashes regardless of what project I am trying to open.

    And I noticed the program keeps adding Disk.Movie.Disc.Movie.Disk.Movie and counting before the .axp.  I don't even know why Studio puts that in the project.  It doesn't make any difference to me.  I do my edits and in the export I choose to make a DVD or a video.  I don't see the point of the names but that's just me and a different subject from my main problem which is I can't even get the program to run anymore using ANY projects.  I tried to open one I finished working on weeks ago where I created a DVD just fine.  Now I can't even open that.  The program crashes.  Great.

  •  09-10-2021, 18:20 816877 in reply to 816876

    Re: Studio 24 Crashing

    I found in another thread that I could do a "reset" from the Control Panel.  That seems to have worked.  Never had to work with any software that needed to do that, but at least the developers were smart enough to put it in so that when their software really messed up it could be reset.
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