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Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

Last post 09-09-2021, 15:12 by Lee Gillie. 4 replies.
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  •  09-09-2021, 8:18 816831

    Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    I see this happening in PS25, but this has been a problem through all previous releases.

    Most often we can animate a pan and zoom for most photos for an amazing effect.

    I have a large photo that I scanned in at various dpi and sizes (huge group photo at the Sturgis Rally), and want to zoom in and pan between friends in the photo. Various levels of success/failure depending on the photo chosen:

    • 12012 x 9588 24-bit depth, 1200 dpi - Pan and zoom will not even show the image or preview
    • 6006 x 4794 24-bit depth, 600 dpi - Pan and zoom shows only a portion of the photo
    • Most other images work fine

    I am running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 975  @ 3.33GHz with 12 GB RAM installed. Attempting to work with the largest image eventually causes "System low on memory" warnings.

  •  09-09-2021, 11:36 816841 in reply to 816831

    Re: Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    Your pictures are too large to be displayed. Try using a 300 dpi and photos between 8X10 to 11X14.
  •  09-09-2021, 12:22 816843 in reply to 816841

    Re: Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    When zoomed into one face of thousands then it is far to pixelated. My alternative is to use something like IrfanView, which is free, and has no problems with these photos, and then to try to make a video segment from stop action a frame at a time while I manually have IrfanView zoom and pan, but it can take a day or more to get the result. If PS25 pan and zoom would work it could be built perhaps in an hour. I just wish P&Z didn't choke so easily.


  •  09-09-2021, 13:06 816846 in reply to 816843

    Re: Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    I guess the main issue is the depth of color of 24 bits.
  •  09-09-2021, 15:12 816850 in reply to 816846

    Re: Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    That helped. Using the 1200dpi photo reduced to 8-bit depth I was able to see the image in P&Z. Unfortunately it was scenario #2, where it does not show the entire picture. I have an old release of Avid Studio. I will see what he can do. Can't try it now because it says I have to reinstall the product after an OS upgrade.

    Ahhh... I have HitFilm 3 PRO, and this has absolutely no issue working with this photo, and does so very quickly!  I played with Transform there, and it seemed to do it. I just have to remember how to operate this program instead. I can then export a 4K MP4 and then bring that into my PS25 project. In this way, PS25 doesn't have to do anything hard or taxing.

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