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P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

Last post 06-13-2021, 15:21 by spacman2. 10 replies.
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  •  04-16-2020, 19:16 797671

    P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    I have been using P21 Ultimate for 2 years with few problems and suddenly when I click start export it says "preparing to export" and just sits there.  I have tried dozens of settings combinations with no luck.  I have the patch from a year ago installed and nothing. HEEELLP  I have a big project this weekend and the pinnacle phones are closed because of COVID-19!  I most recently used the program last week with no issues.  Thanks for your help!
  •  04-16-2020, 19:32 797672 in reply to 797671

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    A little information about your hardware, operating system, source material,  timeline settings, and export settings.


    Also, how long have you let it "hang"?  Is there hard drive activity during the "hang"?

  •  04-16-2020, 20:21 797676 in reply to 797672

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    I have an intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.5ghz, 8GB Ram, Windows 10 Home.

    I have tries several different source materials, I have even opened a previous project and went straight to export and it still hangs.  I have let it sit for over an hour.  I have many different export settings from file types to qualities with the same results.   I am not sure what timeline settings you are referring to.



  •  04-16-2020, 23:26 797680 in reply to 797676

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    It seems to not be processing when there is an .mov file in the timeline.
  •  04-16-2020, 23:43 797681 in reply to 797680

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    Is it from an iPhone?  If so, it could be variable frame rate.  You could use handbrake to convert the clip to a fixed frame rate before you put it on the timeline.
  •  04-17-2020, 1:52 797684 in reply to 797681

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    Does the project have a stablise or time remapping effect added?

    Do you have Quicktime installed?

  •  04-17-2020, 2:47 797692 in reply to 797684

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    You may try to hard-reset PS21 :

    Rename C:\Users\Yourusername\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_21\Studio\21.0 to C:\Users\Yourusername\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_21\Studio\21.0.old

    Launch Studio, open your project thanks to File menu, Open and click Export

    One big side effect => your library has been reset.


    If the workaround failed, delete the newly created C:\Users\Yourusername\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_21\Studio\21.0 and rename C:\Users\Yourusername\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_21\Studio\21.0.old to C:\Users\Yourusername\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_21\Studio\21.0


  •  05-01-2020, 7:05 798621 in reply to 797692

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    Hi Saby,

    Please elaborate on your advice "...your library has been reset". Not sure what that means in practice.


  •  05-01-2020, 7:11 798622 in reply to 798621

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    Studio is set at its initial state, just like the very 1st day you installed it. Library is empty of any customziation you have done or any asset that you have imported.
  •  05-01-2020, 10:59 798627 in reply to 798622

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    Thanks Saby.
  •  06-13-2021, 15:21 815108 in reply to 797692

    Re: P21 Stuck on "Preparing to Export"

    Thank you, Saby - this worked for my problem, too.

    I am using PS21U, and when exporting a blu-ray, it would make the "assets" and then gt stuck at 50% completion - even left it overnight and it stayed at 50%.

    Then I renamed the AppData folder like you said, and it completed in ~2 hours.

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