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PS 23.1 audio out of sync

Last post 06-09-2021, 15:39 by PDS. 30 replies.
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  •  10-31-2019, 2:43 790451

    PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Someone in the spanish forum is having this problem and I hope someone may have a solution. Here is his translated comment:

    Hello, I have Pinnacle 23 Ultimate purchased, the problem:

    I'm out of the video audio when I export it, whether in DVD, Blu Ray or any file format.

    In edit mode everything is synchronized. I have also tested on different FPS in the timeline with the same results.

    When exporting it, the beginning of the video is synchronized with the audio, but as it reaches the end it becomes increasingly out of date (in clips of short videos of 3 min. or 5 min.).

    It happens to me in all the video clips I put in (no transitions, no titles... nothing).

    The hardware acceleration is in "none".

    I have the updated graphics (Nvidia Geforce GTX 770M), 16 Gb RAM, processor: Intel Core i7 4700HQ CPU 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz, Windows 10 64-bit.

    Please, I need a solution.

    He also mentioned that he has tried it on another computer and still gets the same results. He tried using previous versions of PS and no errors came out. 

  •  10-31-2019, 3:41 790452 in reply to 790451

    Betreft: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    see also my simular problem 

    I exported the file with the "out of sync" sound, imported it into PSU 21.5, replaced the "out of sync" sound by the original sound, created the BDMV file in PSU 21.5

    and the sound was not "out of sync" anymore.


    What could be the problem :

    my sound file was in DD 5.1, does not exist anymore in PSU23.1 only DD 2.0 . so the transformation from DD 5.1 to DD 2.0 could be the problem that creates an "out of sync"







  •  11-04-2019, 13:58 790619 in reply to 790451

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Creating an account and posting that I have exactly this problem -- using projects created in Pinnacle Studio 22, loading in Pinnacle Studio 23, and exporting in various formats (H.264/4K, HVEC/4K) the sound is displaced though they exported fine in Pinnacle Studio 22. Frame rate from camera 30 export 29.97 but Studio 22 never had problems with this.
  •  11-05-2019, 2:25 790655 in reply to 790619

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Follow-up: it appears the audio-desync is primarily (in my case) another side effect of the AMD export functions. After applying the {AMD} patch, 95% of the desynch is addressed. The remaining 5% likely just code optimization for the patch.
  •  11-05-2019, 3:38 790656 in reply to 790655

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    What about creating a project only in PS23. Is there a sync issue?
  •  11-05-2019, 12:19 790675 in reply to 790451

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Thanks everyone for your help and support. Support team from Pinnacle also got the same result and is working on a patch to fix the problem.
  •  01-09-2020, 19:43 793599 in reply to 790675

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    I have the same lip sync problem with PS 23 (latest version)

    I have gone back to Vegas 14 and that renders video to sound perfectly. (the same project)

    How is the "PS 23 Patch" coming along?

  •  01-29-2020, 4:35 794624 in reply to 793599

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    I have just completed my first edit on a long project and the sync is way out, I am counting at least 2 seconds. I am going to try and import the project into PS20 which seems to be the most stable for me, wil post results when I can, but there is clearly something wrong on PS23.1 Ultimate
  •  02-24-2020, 14:44 795604 in reply to 790675

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Has any progress been made on this issue?  It's been 4 months already. 

    I am exporting Pinnacle 23 projects using Pinnacle 22 which I fortunately still have.  The audio is perfect, so the culprit is probably code changes made to the export engine in Pinnacle 23.

  •  02-25-2020, 2:16 795610 in reply to 795604

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    I think Corel is still working on the patch. Unknown by when it may be released.
  •  03-04-2020, 8:23 795981 in reply to 795610

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    I just experienced the same issue last night with a new PS 23 Ultimate project.  I have two video/audio tracks and an audio-only track of the same event.  Once I've aligned all three tracks successfully (having problems there as well, the subject of a different post) and it plays just fine in the Editor, but the different audio tracks are not synced when I export to an HEVC 1080p file (no hardware acceleration)!

    I assume this is what the patch is addressing.  In the meantime, can I put together a project in PS23, and then call up the project file in PS22 to export, as was suggested by an earlier poster??   That seems way too simple to be true!


    Daddy Schlich 

  •  03-06-2020, 9:41 796043 in reply to 795981

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Preparing a project in PS 23 and then exporting in PS 22 does seem to be a temporary workaround, but with at least one limitation.

    When I just opened the PS 23 project file (.axp) in PS 22, I found that some of the video editorial adjustments were different (wasn't trying anything too complicated).  In particular, the "rotation" effect appears to have changed direction.  In other words, a positive rotation in PS 23 rotates the video clip in the opposite direction when pulled up in PS 22!  That was easy enough in PS 22 to change.

    So the next time I'll plan to export the file in PS23, knowing that the audio will be messed up, then add that track on top of the existing tracks in the project (not sure whether it matters whether you do that in PS 23 or PS22), and mute the audio in that track.  so the video will come from the exported file and the audio would come from the original track.  Then I would pull up that project file in PS22 and export.

    Open to other suggestions as well?  and hoping to hear status on any patch!


    Daddy Schlich 

  •  03-11-2020, 7:44 796233 in reply to 790451

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    This has been raised on the forum for months now and still no fix.    PS23 is not fit for purpose as it is, I have a stack of things waiting for working export.   GET THIS FIX DONE!  At least let us know when it will be fixed.
  •  03-11-2020, 10:08 796241 in reply to 796233

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    The bulk of the programmers are in China area. Guess what is happening there and guess when things will be done.... no one knows. Tell us when that virus will be ending, and then I guess you might get an answer to when things are going to be fixed.

    One thing I have noticed in these posts are the generalities posted. While a sync issue is reported, there is no information on what file format is being used along with what created the file. Are WAV or MP3 files being used. How long is the project and what specifically is it exported to. What effects if any, that are used.

    Some have posted their Hardware Acceleration settings, others have not.  A screenshot of the timeline would also be nice.

    How can anyone trouble shoot something without specific information and possibly a sample file go try? If the problem can be replicated on other systems, it's definitely a bug. That is they type of information that is needed by Pinnacle, that it's everywhere.

    Also, read this THREAD. I found that by using HANDBRAKE to convert the OP's file resulted in no OOS errors.  Handbrake also does bulk converting.. Instead of waiting, I would try converting and see if that gets things going.

  •  03-12-2020, 7:08 796279 in reply to 796241

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Also, if you are using transitions in your video, how are they placed on the timeline?

    Read this THREAD onward.

  •  03-12-2020, 17:44 796289 in reply to 796241

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Hi Tony,

    Totally understand that nothing ever gets done as quickly as one would like ... and the coronavirus situation will only make things worse!

    My case was a bit different than OPs because I had three audio tracks that came out of sync upon export of a 20-minute video.  And the PS22 exported solution seems to work fine.

    Thanks for the tip on transition options, but I don't believe that I had any.  But will double check.

    And I'm not sure how Handbrake addresses the issue of an exported video file where the audio is out of sync.  Please excuse me if I am being dense.

    Daddy Schlich 

  •  03-12-2020, 17:57 796290 in reply to 796289

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    I rarely do videos longer than 15 minutes. When I did long 1 hour videos for a corporation in PS22, never a with audio sync.

    I have yet to run into a problem with sync with PS23, but again, I do not do long videos.

    As for Handbrake. What it will do is make a variable frame rate video a constant frame rate. It will convert a video that has a codec that Pinnacle does not like, into one it does like. Also, most cellphone video is variable frame rate because of the lighting conditions affect how many frames per second are recorded. . Video editors are constant frame rate editors. This also causes problems with sync.

    If I have problematic video (usually sourced from someone else who wants me to edit it), I will run it through Handbrake and all is well in editing with Pinnacle.

    You are not being dense at all.... trust me.... I know about being dense! Wink

  •  03-12-2020, 22:29 796291 in reply to 796290

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Ah ... you may have helped me with the VBR point!  While going back to PS22 to export one time is not a big issue, the problem is that I have to do that for every interim work product and that's a pain. So ...

    I recorded with my Canon VIXIA HF G40 using Variable Bit Rate.  MediaInfo says: Overall bit rate mode:  Variable, Overall bit rate: 14.9 Mb/s, and Maximum Overall bit rate:  18.0 Mb/s.

    So in Handbrake, it seems to be giving me various H.264 and H.265 Codec options under Video.  It's checked Peak Framerate as 30; I assume I need to change to "Constant Framerate".  And it wants to save as .m4v file.  Any other suggestions on this?

     Is this likely to work??

     Daddy Schlich 


  •  03-13-2020, 3:08 796296 in reply to 796291

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    I think you have mixed up Variable FRAME rate and Variable BIT rate. Variable FRAME rate videos can mess up your sync. Varable BIT rate should not affect on the sync.

    The Frame rate is how many individual pictures per second make up the video. By varing the frame rate when a video is shot, you can acheive better quality in low light situations. This technique is normally only used by Smartphones. The giveaway will be that the frame rate is reported at a slighly lower rate than one of the standand broadcast rates - 25, 29.97, 59 and 59.94. There can aso be an issue with cameras that shoot at a true 30 or 60 fps rater than the dropframe NTSC standards of 29.97 and 59.94. Mediainfo is the best tool to check the frame rate of a video file.

    The Bit rate is how much data is allowed when compressing the video. If a video has less movement, it need less data - the bit rate - to compress it to the same quality. Variable bit rate varies the amount of data it uses, depending on the movement and complexity of the video. Many cameras will capture using VBR.


  •  03-13-2020, 7:42 796301 in reply to 796296

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Attachment: Snip1 mts file.jpg

    You're right.  I got overly excited about the prospect of a ready solution. 

    I'm trying to put together a video from two Canon prosumer videocameras and an separate audio recorder that were shot simultaneously of a community performance from different angles. 

    While I love the new Nested Clipping in PS23U, the audio sync issue upon export is driving me batty, and PS22U doesn't have that issue with the same files.

    I'm trying to post screenshots of the MediaInfo data from one of the .mts files.  and will post the MediaInfo data from the .wav audio file next.

  •  03-13-2020, 7:43 796302 in reply to 796301

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    And here is the MediaInfo data on the .wav file.

    Any suggestions on the best path forward would be welcome!!

    Daddy Schlich 

  •  03-13-2020, 8:30 796303 in reply to 796302

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Just a sideways leap here - if PS22 exports OK and PS23 doesn't, have you tried changing the Hardware acceleration setting to None?
  •  03-13-2020, 18:15 796311 in reply to 796303

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    No problem with sideways leaps!! 

    Yes, I have, as I know that hardware acceleration often causes issues - most notably when exporting to Blu-Ray format.  And I'm afraid that it does not help.  To confirm, I just exported a 9-minute segment making sure that hardware acceleration in the Control Panel was set to None.  By the end of the movie, the audio tracks that are synced in the Edit window are about a second or so off.

    Other suggestions/questions would be much appreciated!

    Daddy Schlich 

  •  03-13-2020, 18:44 796312 in reply to 796311

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    FWIW, pulled up the PS23 project in PS22, same 9-minute segment and exported successfully into HEVC file (no hardware acceleration).
  •  03-14-2020, 13:31 796337 in reply to 796312

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Ran a few more tests to scope this out, and still having problems exporting from PS23:  On my multitrack video, I started by alternatively muting the only two audio channels playing at the end of the video - one coming from the video whose MediaInfo is displayed above, and one coming from the separately recorded .wav with the MediaInfo above.  The out-of-sync audio came solely from the recorded video.  So I backed up, and exported movie segments of about 9 minutes from a couple of my recorded video files.  In other words, one track, no edits in PS, and exported directly to video.  Exported as HEVC, HD 1080p, and than separately as Same as Timeline (H.264/AVC, 1920x1080, top field first interlacing at 29.97 fps).  Deleted render files.  No hardware acceleration.  When I allowed time to render, no problem in the Edit window.  Played original video files, no problem.  (using VLC player for all this).  Results all the same, the audio completed 2 seconds earlier than the end of the video.

    Happy to answer any further questions, and happy to hear suggestions as to next steps.  (I could use Audacity on the original video files and export the audio in a different format and use that, but not sure what format to use.  hmm ...)

    At this point, my alternatives appear to be:

    1. just using PS22U

    2. editing in PS23U, relying solely on the separately recorded sound - which is ok, but not the best since some of the video will be coming from a totally different direction

    3. editing in PS23U the way I want it in the Edit window - video and audio.  Then export in PS23U to get the video, then pull up the same project file in PS22U and export to get the audio file.  And then marry the video mp4 file from PS23U export with the audio track from PS22U, and see whether I can export in PS23U or just in PS22U. 

    Are there any other current issues in PS23U that Pinnacle is working that I should know about??  I realize that the first release of any software comes with issues - I'm just not sure whether there is a list of pending issues anywhere.

    Many thanks for any help that could be provided!!

    Daddy Schlich 

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