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Default title not found

Last post 04-06-2021, 7:15 by kiteflyer. 25 replies.
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  •  04-06-2021, 7:15 813290 in reply to 813282

    Re: Re:Default title not found


    An alternative (maybe less destructive?) to CCleaner would be to use the Pinnacle "Regdelete" tool" (there was a new release that included cleaning for PS24)

    FWIW - unless you are careful during Windows 10 setup, OneDrive is automatically set as the default save location for all user documents, pictures etc. If that has happened to you, you can "undo" that in the OneDrive settings, then manually move the files out of their folders under OneDrive back to "where they should be"

    Also, there seem to have been issues in the past with OneDrive moving random files/folders to the recycle bin - don't know if/when those issues were fixed...


    Cheers all, I bit the bullet late last night and uninstalled PS24, and have just finished reinstalling, I'd forgotten how long it takes to install................So far everything seems to working ok, restored library from a backup I knew was good, just got to recreate the latest project bin, but that wont take long.


    Thanks again for all the help, I'll make sure i download thyat version of redelete

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