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Short Clips Finder

Last post 02-20-2021, 17:35 by acsscott. 6 replies.
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  •  01-28-2020, 12:05 794590

    Short Clips Finder

    I've made a few Vids over the years and some of them contain a few short glitches caused by leaving small snips of photo's in them due to cutting,snipping and general editing mistakes.


    These glitches can be for fractions of a second and are hard to spot such as a remnant of a photo being left in the timeline. It takes a keen eye to spot them on a live video and can be even harder to spot on a timeline. Removing them is a pain.

    I suggest a feature to scan the video content for small clips ( either video or sound ) and find clips less then 0.5 seconds long with the ability to adjust the clip search from 0.1 second upwards, etc.Possibly make the feature automatic and run it just before make movie and bring it to the user/editor's  attention so he can go back and correct it before publishing it






  •  01-28-2020, 14:41 794601 in reply to 794590

    Re:Short Clips Finder

    This one has already been escalated :
  •  01-29-2020, 4:41 794625 in reply to 794601

    Re: Re:Short Clips Finder

    This one has already been escalated :


    So it has !

    I'm guessing I'm not the only one to encounter that little problem :)

    I think it's a good idea to run some last minute fault finding checks before exporting video's. The small clips is just one example of checks thst could be implemented.

    Even Youtube runs basic checks on the videos that are uploaded such as making suggestions that your video is too shaky and needs stabilising,etc.


    I'm sure the Forum members could come up with more ideas for error checking.

    You could probably run a check for sound distortion issues as well. When the volume is too high, etc.


    If your video's are out of focus then it could flag up you need to go to the Opticians and get your eyes looked at Wink 


  •  01-29-2020, 12:46 794637 in reply to 794625

    Re: Re:Short Clips Finder


    If your video's are out of focus then it could flag up you need to go to the Opticians and get your eyes looked at Wink   

    Should Corel participate to pay the bill for the new glasses or contact lenses ?    Geeked

  •  01-31-2020, 4:31 794691 in reply to 794637

    Re: Re:Short Clips Finder

    Absolutely of Course - but if the pennies don't stretch that far - how about a free eye test with the next upgrade Wink


  •  02-20-2021, 14:08 811933 in reply to 794590

    Re: Short Clips Finder

    Adding my support for a short clip finder.   One way to find them is to ripple a transition from start to end.  It will stop at short clips.  But this is a terrible way to find them and messes up intended transitions.
  •  02-20-2021, 17:35 811936 in reply to 811933

    Re: Short Clips Finder

    It was reported before the PS24 release that a feature to turn clips shorter than X(configurable in settings) number of frames be bright Red on the timeline preview render area had been looked into but not implemented.  Not sure where it currently stands, since it didn't make it into PS24.  Sure would be nice.  You are the fourth or fifth member to ask for this feature request and it always gets supportive posts. 
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