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Severe Performance Issues when using Effect Masks

Last post 07-18-2020, 2:49 by jjn. 3 replies.
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  •  07-16-2020, 17:36 801782

    Severe Performance Issues when using Effect Masks

    Hello!  I have been using Pinnacle Studio since 15 and recently updated to Pinnacle Studio 23 ultimate so I could use Motion Tracking and effect Masks for my videos.  Typically I use effect masks to blur out faces of people I don't want in the video or products I want to obscure the label of.  How I typically do this is I load my video file then use the "create mask track" to create an oval or a square. I turn on key framing as sometimes people come and go from the shot and I move and adjust the mask as needed through the video.  Once that is completed I set the mask property to opaque and duplicate my video.  I apply a blur effect to my duplicated file so that the mask has now blurred the face or product I have selected.

     The problem I have is that usually after only a few key-frames are created the computer slows to a drag.  In some of my longer videos where I might blur out a couple people or objects by the time I get a few minutes in the computer is literally dragging along.  It can sometimes end up taking hours to do a 10 minute video this way.

     I feel like I have fairly decent hardware and am not sure why this is so resource intensive.  My machine is an Intel i7-8700k, 16GB of RAM, an Nvidia Quadro P1000, and a PCI solid state harddrive.  Watching the resource monitor I never go about 6GB of RAM usage for my machine total.  My harddrive usage is never above 1% except when I am exporting.  My video card usage jumps to about %30 when rendering longer files, but thats it.

     To try and mitigate this I convert my files in Handbrake to 540p production proxy in handbrake before editing, and in Pinnacle I have set my optimization threshold to 0 so that it doesn't try to render anything.

    I tried using the motion tracking tool which seems to have better performance, but the problem is almost all the time the mask will be correct for the first few frames and then it starts getting all wonky and then I spend just as much time fixing that.  Is there a way to "lock" the mask size when using motion tracking?

     Is there a different way I should be doing this?  Or is this just the way it is?

  •  07-17-2020, 6:01 801786 in reply to 801782

    Re: Severe Performance Issues when using Effect Masks

    I've not experinced the sort of performance hit you descibe, but then again, I've not used Masking on long clips - what duration are we talking here?. One suspect in all these cases can be the source footage - is there anything unusual in your?

    If you want to mask something in Motion tracking you may find that using Follow Object, but using a custom graphic (perhaps made in the mask tool?) is a more pragmatic approach.


  •  07-17-2020, 12:41 801790 in reply to 801786

    Re: Severe Performance Issues when using Effect Masks

    My videos are generally 15 minutes long, and the mask(s) will appear sometimes for the whole length of the video.  When my mask is static, the subject isn't moving, I do not have any significant performance issues, but when my subject is moving and I have to create many keyframes, that is where performance takes a big hit.  The source footage is MP4 format, 720p, 30FPS, and a combined bitrate of 5124kbps.  Before editing I copy the video and down-convert it in Handbrake to 540p Production Proxy and then use that to do my edits.  Once I finish applying the effect mask I delete the production proxy and add the original file.  I am not a super-user when it comes to editing by any means, so I am not sure if any of that information is helpful.

     I have made a black "spot" in photoshop and imported it and used it for the follow-object function, but I am curious as to how I could make a custom graphic in the mask tool.  Do you have a link to a tutorial I could follow along with?

     I also got to thinking last night about using the follow object function with a green "spot" and using the chroma-key to show the blurred video.  Do you think that would work?

  •  07-18-2020, 2:49 801797 in reply to 801790

    Re: Severe Performance Issues when using Effect Masks

    If you have photoshop you can just do a screenshot from Studio to provide the face and then just cut out and blur that. If you want to use the mask feature, I'm sure you will just find a link using google Google.

    The Green dot idea should work, but I haven't tried it.

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