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Solo button on track

Last post 06-10-2020, 14:32 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  06-10-2020, 2:29 800533

    Solo button on track

    A Solo button next to the Mute button on each track. Right now that is achieved by Muting all tracks and then Unmute the target track. You then have to Unmute all tracks which is not always convenient when you are working with many tracks. I am new to Pinnacle Studio, so was very surprised not to see such basic feature.
  •  06-10-2020, 3:34 800535 in reply to 800533

    Re:Solo button on track

    Sorry, your message is unclear. You talk about Solo which disables/enables display of track and in teh same time about Mute/Unmite which is for sound.

    Would you elaborate ?

  •  06-10-2020, 12:59 800570 in reply to 800535

    Re: Re:Solo button on track

    the feature request is for a Solo button to enable/disable a display at the exclusion of all other tracks that are not on Solo. The same is applicable to sound.

    The ability to review the asset in source is helpful to inspect and trim etc. However, the solo allows me to review the asset on the timeline on its own or in conjunction with other selected assets.


  •  06-10-2020, 13:27 800576 in reply to 800570

    Re: Re:Solo button on track

    The conjunction of the existing Solo feature and the hide/unhide individual buttons in each track headers is not enough ?

  •  06-10-2020, 14:13 800579 in reply to 800576

    Re: Re:Solo button on track

    Thank you for pointing that out. It does work for video but not audio unless I am missing a step - being new to PS. thank you
  •  06-10-2020, 14:32 800582 in reply to 800579

    Re: Re:Solo button on track

    Yes, you're right. No same feature for audio
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