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PS23 Thoughts

Last post 11-23-2019, 15:21 by aucampc. 18 replies.
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  •  11-08-2019, 11:48 790737

    PS23 Thoughts

    First off, I've been using Pinnacle since S9. From S9-S15U. Also, DV500 with Premiere, and Pinnacle Edition to Avid Liquid.

    In it's sort of current form, from Avid Studio to now PS23U. I can say that some of the released versions have been not so great generally, and specifically, for me. I'm a person that perseveres and works through the frustrations to finish what I start. I've found that no video editor (at least on the PC side) is perfect. I've had and still have several other competing and professional applications, and they all have problems that are waiting to be fixed.

    Today, with short notice, I had to do a 1 1/2 minute "promo" video for our church New Years Eve get together from videos and photos I took last year. I do this every year. But what I did was use last years video as a template and used Pinnacle's Replace Mode to change the timeline media. Video was 50P 1080HD and photos are from my Pana G9. No fancy lenses because I was there to have fun, so took my kit 12-60mm zoom (24-120mm full frame equiv). I used Smartsound (SFP 6.4.2) for the music. Integration in Pinnacle for me has been flawless.

    I created a Project Bin and put everything there and basically just dragged and dropped to the right places on the timeline. When I was finished, I told my wife to come and take a look. She was surprised I did it so fast. I would not have been able to do this without Replace Mode. Not one crash or hiccup. With AMD graphics support, timeline playback (even with 4K) is smooth. Time Remapping? Smooth without rendering. Color tools? Amazing. 

    All this to say, I am extremely happy with the software and also seeing how hard Pinnacle is working to get things fixed, as shown by the latest patch update to .424.

    We aren't great dancers, but have a great time. Fireworks at the end is what I do each year... and it gets bigger and louder every year.


  •  11-08-2019, 14:51 790743 in reply to 790737

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    I could not agree more with you Tony.

    Pinnacle 23 U is just fantastisk and to the great price they are offering, it could not be a more professional program to edit videos with.

    I started of with the simple version 8, so long ago I cant even remember when it was and have since bought every program up till now and realised that PS23 is actually incredible sophisticated and at the same time simple. It even works great with 4K.

    I do about 3 to 4 videos every year. One on land content and one under water, so that is 8 videos every year and using the integrated SmartSound for music, as well as Mercalli stabiliser and Respeedr. Could not think of using another program.

    This time with PS23U I have not hade any hick ups what so ever, so I wish to congratulate Corel for doing a fantastic and professional great program and to improve it constantly. I also wish to thank all the moderators and others, who has helped every one here in the forum that has had difficulties operating the program and to steered them right. I have learned a lot from all of you. Thank you very much for your great patience many times and a great job.

    Kind regards


  •  11-08-2019, 15:04 790747 in reply to 790743

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    I should maybe pin this thread !!!

    Thanks guys.   Yes

  •  11-08-2019, 16:30 790752 in reply to 790747

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    No problem Saby.

    People come to forums for help with problems. Some come to vent frustration.  And some come for instruction. After editing today, which went extremely fast, I felt so good about PS23U and using it, I felt a need to post something positive.

    Keep up the good work Pinnacle!

  •  11-09-2019, 7:48 790764 in reply to 790743

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    Huuuu…. Sorry did not remember that I had this old log in. Moved back to my home country Sweden 2012 after 32 years i Sydney. Will try to see if I can delete that old log in, so I do not make this mistake again.
  •  11-09-2019, 7:51 790765 in reply to 790764

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    You can't delete it yourself. You must send a PM to glus.
  •  11-09-2019, 11:45 790770 in reply to 790765

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    Saby, who is this Glaus and how do you get it touch with him? I have seen posts in the past with his name mentioned specifically with regards to the blue ray plug-in. I am also contemplating an upgrade from ver, 21 to ver. 23 but will need to use the plug-in. Does the plug-in have to be purchased with every release?
  •  11-09-2019, 13:14 790772 in reply to 790770

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    glus, not Glaus.

    He is a Corel employee, administrator of this forum.

  •  11-09-2019, 13:24 790774 in reply to 790737

    Re: PS23 Thoughts


    Great job on the video & I agree PS23 is great & worth upgrading to. 

  •  11-09-2019, 16:09 790783 in reply to 790774

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    Thanks for the kind words. I sometimes get video work that is last minute and requires a quick turnaround. I had to create a couple of quick intros for an international corporation based in Italy. I could have done it in my "professional" editor, but it would have taken longer. With PS23, the person asking for the videos was surprised with how fast I was able to do it, including making corrections. Pinnacle did the heavy lifting with Montage themes and Split Screen Editor.

    Yes, the software has bugs that need to be addressed. But for "me" and the way I edit, it works. 

  •  11-10-2019, 4:34 790797 in reply to 790783

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    There has been problems with the software over the years which has been very frustrating at times, but on balance, I think that this is a fantastic program which does the job superbly. I can live with it's little foibles for the things that it does so well and so simply. It would be great though if Corel could introduce a better titler. I would pay for that.
  •  11-10-2019, 12:17 790809 in reply to 790797

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    Bob keen:
    It would be great though if Corel could introduce a better titler. I would pay for that.

    Most definitely!!! You have my vote!

  •  11-10-2019, 13:56 790821 in reply to 790809

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    I've had pinnacle since 12, then bought 16, then 20,21,22, and now just bought the 23u on disc, install it and messed with it for about 30 minutes, time mapping seems much better and pan and zoom where as 20,21,and 22 was horrible, never had trouble with 12 and 16. Hoping for great editing again with 23
  •  11-23-2019, 14:20 791321 in reply to 790737

    Re: PS23 Thoughts


    Hello there, apologies for jumping in here from the side. If you don't mind, I will really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with me.

    It is encouraging to read that there are so many happy PS23U users. Unfortunately I am not one of them yet. I have just upgraded to PS23U, because I was struggling to fix rendering problems in PS22.

    Background rendering and rendering would randomly stop anywhere in PS22. It required a restart to get going again, just for it to randomly stop anywhere in the project again. I was told by Corel support that upgrading to PS23U would fix my problem, but unfortunately I still sit with the very same problem. Now I wonder if it is my system, or my cameras, or recording modes that cause the rendering problems.  

    Could you guys kindly provide some guidance. 

    My System:
    OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3593Mhz
    RAM: 16GB DDR4
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    120GB Hard drive (C:), and 4TB Hard drive (D:) 

    Panasonic AG-AC30EJ, 1080/50.00p, 50M. Video file format = mp4
    Canon EOS 70D, 1080p, 25fps. Video file format = mov
    What could be causing my rendering and background rendering to randomly stop anywhere in the project?
    Thank you
  •  11-23-2019, 14:53 791324 in reply to 791321

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    This time instead of just upgrading I bought the disc from Amazon. Completely deleted anything to do with pinnacle 21 and 22 since I felt some problems with 22 was from the upgrade. 23 still crashes without notice and has other problems, nothing like 21 and 22 and I'm still using my same system. I to had that render problem but not anymore
  •  11-23-2019, 15:00 791327 in reply to 791321

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    aucampc I suggest you start a new thread and post your issues. But you see my system specs below and I have no problems with rendering ever stopping.

    So, feel free to start a new thread.

  •  11-23-2019, 15:11 791330 in reply to 791321

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    I am also experiencing Render problems with 23U.  The BGRender.EXE  somehow gets 'disconnected' from NGSTUDIO.EXE (which is showing Not Responding in Task Manager).  Most times when I then close NGSTUDIO.EXE using Task Manager, BGRender.EXE remains in Task Manger.  I have had multiple occurrences of NGSTUDIO crashing & exiting, leaving the BGRENDER.EXE task still running in Task Manager.


    Also, using the SUB-EDITOR with grouped elements crashes with an 'Out of Memory' error even though Task Manager reports otherwise.


    P.S.  Yes, I have Studio Ultimate patched up to date.

  •  11-23-2019, 15:12 791331 in reply to 791327

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    Tony P:

    aucampc I suggest you start a new thread

    I don t suggest you to open a new thread, I ask you to open a new thread. 

  •  11-23-2019, 15:21 791332 in reply to 791321

    Re: PS23 Thoughts

    Sorry Guys


    I just realised that I should have created a new thread. 

    I shall rather create a new thread.

    Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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