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Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

Last post 09-20-2019, 13:20 by saby. 20 replies.
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  •  03-18-2019, 20:05 781884

    Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Ive had several previous P Studios including 21... everything worked ok.  

    Installed 22 yesterday.  Today went to use it and Studio opens ok.  When I click on "Import" Studio 22 crashed and dumped me to my main win 10 screen.

    Studio 21 still works and I used that to capture a video today instead.

     Why the crash?




  •  03-19-2019, 1:28 781886 in reply to 781884

    Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Is the quick import working ?
  •  03-19-2019, 9:49 781895 in reply to 781884

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Import works on my computer.

    I just used it to import 4K 50P files into a Project Bin.

  •  03-19-2019, 11:35 781897 in reply to 781886

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    I don't know "Quick Importer".

    Neither the Importer Tab or the File/Import work.   The program takes a moment and then closes.    I've tried rebooting to no good.   

  •  03-19-2019, 13:20 781899 in reply to 781897

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Have you tried resetting the program?

     Setup>Control Panel>Reset

  •  03-19-2019, 13:46 781901 in reply to 781897

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10


    I don't know "Quick Importer".

    Drag'n'drop a file from Windows Explorer to the Library of Studio or use this tool :

  •  03-19-2019, 15:02 781903 in reply to 781886

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Yes.  Quick import works.   But I need to capture Video.


  •  03-19-2019, 15:14 781904 in reply to 781901

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    I tried Lublin reset.  Same thing.   However... in several boots later its working for the time being.   It also worked when I first installed it... that is I got in ok to open the importer up and then shut it down.

    Looks like some kind of bug.   Re-importing my video now.  Will be trying again in a few days and will see what happens.


  •  03-19-2019, 15:22 781905 in reply to 781904

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Pinnacle does not capture video without a capture card. You can not hook up your recording camera expecting Pinnacle to capture the video.

    As for it being a "bug", others do not have this problem, so it's on your end in your computer.

  •  03-19-2019, 15:34 781906 in reply to 781905

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Tony... I think you missed the main point.  PS22 was crashing when I tried to OPEN UP the IMPORTER.   Weather or not I was using a capture card had nothing to do with PS Crashing... as I could not even get into the importer.
  •  03-19-2019, 17:54 781909 in reply to 781906

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    You said it did work... then it didn't.... and you wanted to "capture video" and said it was a bug.

    I answered all of those. It's not a bug if it is working on other computers as intended. Maybe you are confused about the terminology. That is why I said Pinnacle does not capture video. Did you mean Import?

    Unless you are willing to do a complete uninstall with something like Revo Uninstaller, your problem might remain. I had a similar problem. I could not "drag and drop". Since others could, I knew then the problem was on my computer and not a "bug" of the software in general affecting everyone.

    I had to do a complete removal with Revo of just the main program, and reinstalled it. All is well now. 

    Here is a link to download the free version of REVO UNINSTALLER FREE. I have the Pro version.

    Just uninstall Pinnacle Studio 22 and nothing else. Then from where you saved the files from the downloaded PS22, run the installer. It will install the main program. Once that is done, you can run it and give it a little time as it rebuilds everything. Once done, open the program and see if the Import tab works.

  •  04-03-2019, 15:03 782454 in reply to 781884

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    I too have this issue , its a pain  , I have made no changes, just hangs and crashes after Import  , I have read over 20 reasons why this is happening, but I have made no changes to my settings   it was working one minute then the next crashing...… every blooming time, always pinnacle,
  •  04-03-2019, 15:14 782456 in reply to 782454

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Yes... I know what you mean.  I did the reinstall like Tony suggested (yes... a big pain... but it worked). Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";}
  •  04-15-2019, 9:26 782921 in reply to 782456

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    I just made the mistake and did their update today ... problem is back.  Warning... keep your old Pinnacle as a back up.  Thankfully I still have PS 21 on here I can use... it still works fine.

    Say what you want... but PS 22 is the only program I have problem's with.

    Any one have a better suggestion to fix this problem?

  •  04-16-2019, 14:53 783961 in reply to 782921

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    UPDATE to latest PS update:

    1. Did a Setup Reset.
    2. Quick Importer works.
    3. Importer worked.
    4. Closed program down and reopened.
    5. Quick Importer works.
    6. Importer tries to open for 1.5 sec and then PS 22 crashes.
    7. Tried REBOOT etc... same thing starting with #5.
    Any ideas?   It was working fine before the update?
  •  04-20-2019, 20:17 784049 in reply to 783961

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Just did a uninstall/reinstall again and the importer worked fine the first time until I closed the program and rebooted then "Import"  crashed again just like before.

    Checked files (see screen shot) and I still have what look like an old Pinnacle Studio files.  Should I delete those?

    I also have PS 21 files as a backup till I can get PS 22 running right.

    Any Ideas why "Import" Crashes?


    Thanks in advance.


  •  04-21-2019, 12:57 784057 in reply to 784049

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    What if you reset PS22's database ?
  •  04-21-2019, 13:53 784058 in reply to 784057

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Thanks for responding Saby;

    That worked the first time and only the first time until I reinstalled... with a couple of exceptions which got me to thinking (see below).

    I did not reset after the problem stated again after the last update or reinstall... because I thought it was a fresh install and I really need to save files to my 2nd internal SSD... and that would change the default... so for testing I left it as is.

    In desperation after trying some things... I am down to one last wild idea before dumping the program.  Boot cold Computer, give 5x extra time for complete boot up, the same thing to open PS 22, then I put your PS Demo movie on timeline, delete it, click on "Import".  So far its worked 2 times in a row (with out reinstalling). 

    My plan is to wait till I get more history on this current boot up method.   If I can get 4-6 more good boots... I'll try changing where I put my files.  If that fails I'll try your reset again... but that failed me last time and I had to reinstall... which leads me to wonder if there are some left over old PS files causing a problem (there are some very old operating files I found but I left them as is).

    I'm also considering if this does not work to take it to my teck shop that is very good with these kinds of problems.

    Any Comments appreciated.

  •  04-21-2019, 14:45 784059 in reply to 784058

    Re: Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    Think I found the problem...!!!

    3rd try Failed.

    Did Reset, & rebooted computer... after several tests and crashes I discovered:

    1. "Import" opens on apparently the default "Capture Video" tab, and defaults to the Laptops camera. This appears to work on exiting the program and reopening even if I just go straight into "Import" (so far every time).

    2. In "Import"... If I click on "My Computer" it becomes highlighted like it should (because I selected it)... and exit out of "Importer" back to the "EDIT" tab and close the program... then  reopen the PS22 Program... it crashes when going into "Import" because "Import" is set to import from "My Computer" and not "Capture Video" and it crashes.

    3. I have noticed that when I click on "Import" if my Laptop camera light instantly comes on while the "Import" starts loading... it will load.   If no light... "import" tries for about 1.5 seconds to load and then crashes PS22. (Crashes as in program closes down completely just like I closed it down).

    So ok... as long as I can use the live input and just use "Import" when I need to capture video... I can live with it.


  •  09-20-2019, 6:24 788602 in reply to 781906

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    I have exactly the same problem on Studio 21.5

    As you describe, click import or select import from file drop-down - program just closes after a couple of seconds.

    Tried restart PC from cold - same thing. 

  •  09-20-2019, 13:20 788617 in reply to 788602

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Importer crashes win 10

    You tried to reset the software ?
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