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Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

Last post 07-22-2019, 5:19 by Tony P. 9 replies.
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  •  07-09-2019, 6:00 786331

    Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions



    I decided to install the V22.3 Patch whilst in the early stages of editing 5 long-form projects to see if the patch contained any enhanced functionality to improve the editing workflow.  My projects typically start with 2 to 3.5 hours of travel video (M2TS), JPEG and TIF files on the Timeline plus Titles, SmartSounds & MP3s added in the later stages.


    The V22.3 Patch installed OK in a few minutes and everything appeared to function as before.  CCleaner Registry Cleaner identified a dozen or so missing .dll issues after the install that appeared to relate to Add-On Effects (I didn’t check these items in detail).  However, I have noticed that PS22.3 uses and accumulates much more Memory (Task Manager) than PS22.2.


    There appears to be no new or modified functionality that would speed up the editing workflow, however, it was unclear how the changed Memory handling would impact.


    As there is no Change Log it was difficult to test for anything specific.  However I created a TEST long-form (90 minutes) movie project from start (create Project Bin) to finish (Export as H264/AVC 720p 25fps).  The export took about 3 hours to create the 8Gb MP4 file that plays OK…..similar time to PS22.2.


    All worked OK (on my Win7 64Bit / Nvidia GEForce 650 system).  I continued to work on a Project with about 3.5 hours of M2TS clips on the Timeline.


    Observations below; for the purposes of this post ‘Fades’ refers to dragging back corners of clips on the Timeline to create a Transition.


    Performance - Memory

    • In PS22.2, when the Task Manager displayed 500,000K to about 800,000K Memory (Private Working Set), Studio seemed to run OK and stable. The Memory would increase and decrease until it exceeded 800,000K where PS started to become sluggish and erratic.  A re-start and PS was back to ‘normal’.  Occasionally a P/C re-boot was necessary but that was rare.

    • In PS22.3 the Memory starts at about 675,000K when PS opens.  When editing is commenced on a 3.5 hour project the Memory (Private Working Set) immediately increases to beyond 1,000,000K.  Continuing to edit and the Memory gradually increases to beyond 2,500,000K with little impact on performance.  Basic editing for more than two hours (trims, moves, Fades & Transitions, etc) and it appears stable.  However, it seems that at least some Memory is not released….the Task Manager counter just keeps increasing.

    • I ran PS22.3 continuously for a couple of days, editing periodically.  There was no reduction of Memory when PS was idle.  Eventually Memory (Private Working Set) in Task Manager reached about 3,100,000K; the Physical Memory 81% and an error message appeared indicating the Program failed and needed to close.

    • Up to the time of failure there appeared to be little degradation in performance.  Editing was a little slow at times but I think probably due to 3.5 hours on the Timeline.

    • Re-started PS and select continue editing and all OK; Memory back to 675,000K and begins to climb again.

    Colour Correction 

    • Can now delete CC from clips on the Timeline.  I could not do this in PS22.2


    Freeze Frame

    • When added to Video generates a stuttering noise across the Freeze section.  Not sure if same in PS22.2 or if by design but, would expect to have no sound as is the case when still frames are added for Transitions.

    • If a Freeze Frame is added to a Picture (not sure why this would be done) the image turns black on the Timeline and becomes completely Transparent when viewed.  Seems a bit strange.

    Fades and Transitions


    Based on the V22.3 Fades and Transitions handling the main issues, in my opinion, are: 

    • Transition Mode setting in the Control Panel only allows Fades to overlap NOT Transitions (Fades do not always overlap where the duration is later modified)

    • Ripple a Fade or a Transition never overlaps regardless of the Control Panel setting and Timeline Mode

    • When an IN Fade is added and clips overlap, the clips are pulled from the Left.  This creates a gap at the start of the track and causes track sync issues to the left.  Clips should pull clips from the right and shorten the Track/Timeline.

    • Probably cosmetic – ‘Add Transition IN’ and ‘Add Transition OUT’ from the context menu always creates a CENTRE Transition.  Probably should only need ‘Add Transition’  

      NOTE: Workaround for overlapping Transitions is to add/maintain a Fade and then drag a Transition over it.


    As indicated previously, to achieve smooth video and audio, Fades and Transitions the clips need to overlap in most cases.  For Long-form projects this can require hundreds, sometimes over a thousand trims of Start, End or Both ends of clips per project.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to shoot video with editing in mind but regardless of this, audio can only transition if the clips are trimmed or overlapped….so much manual trimming is necessary.


    No other changes are obvious in the functions I frequently use.  The impact of the increased Memory use….I guess only time will tell but PS22.3 appears to be stable and robust.  At this stage I can see no reason (at least on my system) to roll back to PS22.2 or earlier.  Re-booting occasionally to restore Memory is not a big deal but probably indicates a problem that needs to be fixed.

  •  07-09-2019, 6:44 786333 in reply to 786331

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Thanks for the detailed "review" of the latest patch.

    I rarely if ever shoot anything that is more than 15 minutes. Back when I was doing event work, yes, but now that I am retired, I shoot for myself. In PS22, there were problems when I did have to edit long form corporate (1 hour or so) videos. I could cut and move things around "ok", but when I hit play, the playhead would jump back to a previous position and there was a delay if and when play started. 

    And I have experienced when finishing editing, that PS would not fully release the memory... a few times, it ate up almost all my RAM. TaskManager took care of that. 

    I'll have to test and see if this new patch does ok. 

    Again, thanks for the detailed review.

  •  07-15-2019, 21:16 786423 in reply to 786333

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Hi Tony

    A bit more testing (projects with 1.5 hours and 3.5 hours on the Timeline).  In PS22.3 the playhead still jumps to seemingly random positions and there is a small delay before the playhead can be moved and play started.  I think that sometimes an edit causes rendering further along the Timeline (for some reason), even if no content on other tracks, which is why the playhead sometimes moves off the window or out of sight.  

    It seems that the playhead jumps to the point where rendering will next start instead of holding its position or being able to be moved to the point where play is to be started.  PS will not play until the rendering has commenced regardless of 'render while play' being set ON in the Common Settings.  It's guesswork when the playhead can be moved into position and play started (usually about 3 to 5 seconds delay)....if moved too early then the playhead keeps jumping back to the Render point until PS is ready.

    Quality = Balanced

    Optimisation = 90 

    A few 'old' issues in PS22.3 including those mentioned above but it seems to be very stable when run for a number of hours of editing.  Just needs an occasional re-start when necessary (Task Manager) to release Memory.

  •  07-16-2019, 4:00 786424 in reply to 786423

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Have you tried changing the Quality and Balance to Fastest and maybe 50?

    That was the same issue I had with PS21 when I was editing corporate video which was an hour. I could cut, drop transitions, etc. with no problem. Hit Play, and the playhead will jump to a previous position. I'd have to wait a few seconds before being able to hit play from my last position on the timeline. 

    The contract with the company has ended, so don't do long form editing. But it sounds just like the problems I was having. And since I use keyboard to edit a lot, it sort of dragged down my workflow.

    I would monitor the computer to see what was doing what to see if I could track down specifically where the bottleneck was, but I couldn't. I had plenty RAM and very low CPU usage when this would happen.

  •  07-17-2019, 10:57 786440 in reply to 786424

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Thanks Tony

    I tried adjusting the Quality and Balance again as you suggested but as in PS21.2 it makes very little difference, except of course that Rendering is stopped.

    However, it did disprove my theory that the jumping playhead might be related to Rendering.  Without Rendering the playhead still jumped; to where appeared to be random:

    - Jump to a point between two clips after the edit point, or

    - Jump to the Render point, or

    - Jump to the right out of the window and shortly later jump back to a random point within the window, or

    - Jump to the right and positioned at start of the Timeline

    - Jump to the right and positioned at the end of the Timeline (where the Timeline ended before any editing)

    It is a bit annoying but you get a feel for the expected short delay before hitting play.  In any case, far better than the lag times experienced in PS21.2 so the workflow is much quicker for long-form projects in PS22.

    Thanks again

  •  07-17-2019, 17:38 786448 in reply to 786440

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    I've tossed out thoughts on this problem too. Especially when I had paid projects that have to be done. 

    If I exit and restart, things are ok at first and then slowly reach that point where playhead does it's thing. I don't know if it's because the undo/redo buffer (how many undo's can you do?) is causing the slow down, or something that is 32bit but works in a 64bit environment.

    I have no idea, and it is annoying when working on long form video. But I learned to pace myself a lot slower after reaching about 1/2 hour of timeline editing.

  •  07-20-2019, 22:08 786476 in reply to 786448

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Still finding out what works and what does not with the PS 22.3 Patch. I had some problems doing Image Sequence but I overcome by exporting a 1 Second video and the Image Sequence worked with that.  Using the masking tool in Corel Video Studio, a number of times my win 7 machine would give me a out of memory pop-up with the option to close programs resulting in 10,000 MB of memory showing in the Task Manager. No idea what programs closed but with Pinnacle Studio 22U this pop-up never shows its face, the program locks up the computer and I have to use the power button to restart.  Does anyone know of a way to force this pop-up to end unneeded programs running?  Before starting PS 22U I close all unnecessary programs in the Task Manager but the Win/pop-up does something else/more.
  •  07-21-2019, 6:43 786477 in reply to 786476

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Rocket - PS runs a number of tasks that can continue to stay resident.

    NGStudio is the obvious one, but also BG Renderer and Render Manager. There may be something else called Usermode Interrupt.

    You might find any of these running as a background process which stops Studio reopening.

    How this relates to what CVS does I have no idea - though it is the same company, CVS and PS share very little code. PS doesn't have a masking tool, and although I've seen a low memory warning in Studio, it doesn't offer the chance to close processes. It's a good cue to save the project and reboot, though.

  •  07-21-2019, 23:48 786480 in reply to 786448

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Tks Tony

    Re the Un-do and Re-do question. I seem to be able to perform both many times back to the point where the PS session started.  I was thinking along the same lines that the components required for Un-do and Re-do might be stored in Memory or perhaps components such as Deletes & Trimming were not released as the Timeline reduced.

    However, I had a large project in progress so decided to test in a single session. Results are a bit confusing (at least to me) and seem to be inconsistent but I’ll try to explain the results as concisely as possible below. Someone more technical than myself may understand the cause.

    Start PS and open Project with 2H:52M of AVCHD (.m2ts) clips on the Time line with some Transitions. Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 899,080K / Physical Memory = 46%

    Deleted 2 X 8 minute and 3 X 10 minute segments (each took about 70secs to execute). Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 4,607,080K / Physical Memory = 89%

    Due to high memory (89%) decided not to do any more editing to avoid PS ‘crashing’; let PS sit idle.

    After 30 minutes, Task Manager showed no change in Memory (PWS) or Physical Memory, then the Memory slowly started to release.

    After 1H:45M the Memory had reduced to Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 1,001,928K / Physical Memory = 51%. Then stabilised so I tried to Un-do.

    Press Un-do: clips in the last Delete immediately appeared back on the Timeline. Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 869,152K / Physical Memory = 50%.

    Press Un-do again: clips in the previous Delete immediately appeared back on the Timeline. Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 873,232K / Physical Memory = 50%.

    Press Re-do: clips in the last Un-do immediately removed from the Timeline. Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 869,152K / Physical Memory = 50%.

    Press Re-do again: Cannot perform task.

    After 2H:00M into the session the Memory had reduced to Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 846,660K / Physical Memory = 50%.

    Then Deleted 4 X 10 minute segments from the 2H:16M remaining on the Timeline Task Manager: Memory (PWS) = 1,159,756K / Physical Memory = 54%.

    CPU ran mostly around 0 to 3% and occasionally jumped up to 15 – 25%.

    I guess the issues highlighted are:

       1. Why did the Memory remain high at 89% for 30 minutes and then start to reduce?

       2. Why did it take 1H:15M (incl the 30 minutes seemingly doing nothing) to slowly release Memory and stabalise?

       3. Why did deleting the last 4 X 10 minute segments have minimal impact on Memory compared to the original Deletes?

    This is probably only a problem for long-form projects involving larger amounts of data so I’m not sure if it would be useful for Corel to investigate.

    It doesn’t explain the jumping Play-head that seems to be related to the PS21 lag issue, which I think Saby explained some time ago was a problem deep in the code. Yes, I've also learned to pace myself to minimise the impact of the jumping play-head.

    Thanks again.

  •  07-22-2019, 5:19 786485 in reply to 786480

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    When I was doing long form editing, it would be around 1/2 hour mark that I would notice the delays starting to creep in. As I said, I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts, so edit at a rapid pace. It would be after I do a simple cut and remove a piece of footage, add a transition, that then the playhead would do it's own thing when I would press play. But if I move at a slower pace, things seem to edit ok.

    I've speculated about the undo buffer not knowing the coding of it and how it stores everything. I wonder if there was a limit to the amount of undo's would that make a difference. In some editors, you can limit it.  

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