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Missing Fonts (PS22)

Last post 05-13-2019, 0:57 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  04-23-2019, 7:20 784099

    Missing Fonts (PS22)

    Just wondering if this is the same for everyone?

    In the 2d (normal) title editor in Studio 22 there are many fonts missing in the dropdown menu compared to all other programs. The likes of Corel Paint Shop Pro and even Pinnacle Studio 12 show (as far as I can tell) every font I have installed

    but PS22 is missing many of them in the title editor. Strangely, the 3d title editor dropdown shows dozens more (probably all) installed fonts. In particular I wanted Segoe UI Black. It is available in every other program on my system

    (including PS12) and it is available in the 3d title editor of PS22 but not in the normal 2d editor (where I want it)! Does anybody know why this is happening and if there is a fix?

  •  04-23-2019, 10:15 784104 in reply to 784099

    Re: Missing Fonts (PS22)

    It's a bug (venerable and extremely long-standing), has existed in the classic (motion) title editor in every Studio version since Avid Studio Sad I hare reported this several times in the past and nothing has happened...

    Appears to affect any sets of similar fonts that Windows (7 onwards) has grouped into "families" (Control Panel -> Fonts will show the font's thumbnail/tile as a stack). In this situation only fonts that Windows regards as being "Regular" show up in the list (Strangely "Segoe UI Regular" does not show up in Studio's font list!)

    A similar issue can be observed with Arial (Arial Narrow and Arial Black don't appear in the title editor's font list).

    Workaround is to use a different font; playing with the Bold attribute and increasing the size of the "Face" look may also give something usable - for example try Segoe UI Emoji, turn on Bold and increase the face size to 110% - not as heavy as the missing Segoe UI Black, but may work well enough as heavy/emphasised text (headings etc.)


  •  04-23-2019, 11:34 784109 in reply to 784104

    Re: Missing Fonts (PS22)

    Hi Richard,

    Clearly I am on the same page as you with this! I had already realised it was connected with the "family groups" of fonts but didn't want to make my question over complicated. But you have confirmed that this is not a fault with my own PC and is the same for everybody.

    I had also worked out that "Regular" fonts usually show up but (as you say) not Segoe UI - the very one I want! You are also right about using Segoe UI Emoji. Increasing the size and adding bold makes it close to the default Segoe UI Black.

    This is a rediculous bug for a commercial piece of software to have carried for so long. What makes it more frustrating is that the full fonts list is available in the 3d editor so somebody at Pinnacle must know how to do this right. 

    Still, I have hundreds of other fonts to choose from. Like my mother always told me, "Never mind Peter, there's plenty more fish in the sea". And that's why I ended up married to Helvetica-Normal instead of Segoe UI !!!!

  •  04-23-2019, 11:49 784110 in reply to 784109

    Re: Missing Fonts (PS22)

    What makes it more frustrating is that the full fonts list is available in the 3d editor so somebody at Pinnacle must know how to do this right. 

    Yes and no. Classic titler and 3D Titler are two completely different piece of softwares.

  •  05-12-2019, 17:51 784782 in reply to 784110

    Re: Missing Fonts (PS22)

    Hi Sabi, I was reading the tread on missing font. I was just going to open a post on 3D Tiltles. The 3D Titles appear on in the title page but are not accessible ? They use to work perfectly but now they don't since I reinstalled Pinnacle studio Ultimate 21.5 last week end ? Any thoughts? Thank you in advance for your help and time. Norm
  •  05-13-2019, 0:57 784787 in reply to 784782

    Re: Missing Fonts (PS22)

    Open a new thread, please.
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