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Player screen

Last post 05-05-2019, 6:12 by hojac. 16 replies.
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  •  01-25-2019, 9:22 778419

    Player screen

    During working with Pinnacle 22 suddenly the tab SOURCE in the Player has disappeared, onlyTIMELINE visible. Probably clicked on something, but no idea wat is was and how toget it back!

    Any suggestions?


  •  01-25-2019, 9:49 778420 in reply to 778419

    Re: Player screen

    Yes... to see both viewers, in the Timeline viewer in the upper right corner, you will see 2 small boxes next to each other. Click on that and both will appear.

    Click on it again, and only one will appear.

  •  01-25-2019, 10:23 778429 in reply to 778420

    Re: Player screen

    Attachment: single mode.jpg


    The source tab should be always visible even if simple preview is enabled.

    Single view mode :

  •  01-25-2019, 10:24 778430 in reply to 778429

    Re: Player screen

    Attachment: double view.jpg
    Double view mode :

  •  01-26-2019, 12:35 778545 in reply to 778430

    Re: Player screen

    Thanks for the replies all, but I think I was not at all clear. Even in Single View, in the Player both the tabs Source and Timeline should be visible all the time. When you click on one of them, that tab will be active.

     In the Double View mode both tabs should be visible and active on a part of the screen.

    The tab Source is not visible in both Single and Double View.  Where is it ??



  •  01-26-2019, 12:40 778546 in reply to 778545

    Re: Player screen


    Thanks for the replies all, but I think I was not at all clear. Even in Single View, in the Player both the tabs Source and Timeline should be visible all the time. When you click on one of them, that tab will be active.

     In the Double View mode both tabs should be visible and active on a part of the screen.

    That's what I've pointed out 2 posts above.

    Would you post a screenshot of the upper-right area of the UI ?
  •  04-28-2019, 20:59 784298 in reply to 778546

    Re: Player screen

    I have the same problem and it appears the previous person gave up with trying to get an answer.

    Now I'll try.

    There is no Source tab in the Player Panel, only the Timeline tab.  There is no "two boxes next to each other" icon in the upper right corner of the Player Panel.

    Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate with all patches. 

  •  04-29-2019, 0:57 784301 in reply to 784298

    Re: Player screen

    Same request : provide a screenshot please.
  •  04-29-2019, 17:08 784326 in reply to 784301

    Re: Player screen

    I've never posted a screen shot to this forum and it has been a long learning curve.  In the meantime I've installed Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate on another computer and both the "Source" tab and the "two-box" icon are there.
  •  04-29-2019, 17:18 784327 in reply to 784326

    Re: Player screen

    How to add a SCREENSHOT to your post.
  •  04-30-2019, 17:54 784361 in reply to 784326

    Re: Player screen

    Attachment: Screenshot.jpg
    Thanks to Tony for the assistance.
  •  04-30-2019, 18:12 784362 in reply to 784361

    Re: Player screen

    Attachment: PS22 Dock.jpg

    Here is what I think. In PS, you can undock the Source and Timeline preview windows. When you undock the Source window, you will only see what you have in the screenshot you provided. 

    You see the little boxes in the upper right corner with the arrow in the white box? That is what undocks the window so you can move it to a second monitor. I think that is what happened with you, except it is off screen completely.

    Have you tried RESET? Setup>Control Panel>Reset. That is suppose to reset PS to "day 1" installation.

    I have no idea on how to re-dock a window that has gone astray.  

  •  04-30-2019, 18:18 784363 in reply to 784362

    Re: Player screen

    Attachment: PS22 Dock 2.jpg
    Here is what it looks like when Source is undocked.
  •  04-30-2019, 19:24 784364 in reply to 784363

    Re: Player screen

    Couple of ideas (long shots):

    On the assumption that the "Source" window was accidentally undocked and has gone AWOL:

    • Joe's screenshot of Studio's UI looks somewhat strange; there is a black strip at the left of the screen above the Windows start button (and what is normally the extreme left of Studio's user interface window is pushed to the right). Is the errant undocked "Source" window hiding in that space?
    • According to the small amount of system information Joe has entered in his profile, his PC might have both Nvidia and Intel graphics. If so, could Windows (and Studio) have been fooled into thinking it's a dual-monitor setup (with the desktop extended onto the second monitor. If so, the errant "Source" window mighr be sitting on that side of the desktop (where the graphic adapter is active, but no monitor is connected. Windows display settings should show whether it's got into dual-display mode; if it has done so by accident, putting it back to single-display mode and then restarting Studio ought to solve the issue (the undocked window should be re-drawn somewhere in the visible display (and can then be moved into a useful place on the screen or re-docked).


  •  05-02-2019, 14:45 784433 in reply to 784364

    Re: Player screen


    Yes, the "Source" window could have been undocked and hiding.  I had considered that possibility and spent a lot of time trying to find the errant window. I never considered a single monitor test. I assumed that closing and reopening PS would reset the docking status, but that never worked.

    I have two indentical laptops with Intel and Nvidia graphics (one of which is dedicated to PS).  Attached to the PS laptop are two external monitors.  When I did a print screen I ended up with a picture that contained all three monitors.  Using crop I removed two of the monitors (one to the left of my PS monitor) before posting the screenshot.  That may account for the black strip.

    I did do the Reset as suggested and now, again, have the "Source" window and "two-box" icon. In retrospect, first I should have tried with a single monitor environment.

    Thank you. 

  •  05-02-2019, 18:24 784439 in reply to 784433

    Re: Player screen

    Glad you are back in business!
  •  05-05-2019, 6:12 784527 in reply to 784433

    AW: Re: Player screen

    Attachment: s2.jpg
    Last days I dealed with a similar issue. Normally I work with a laptop and a connected second screen (PSU V22.2). The library window was undocked and put on the second screen. Than the second monitor was not available any more. After the new start of Pinnacle Studio only with one screen the library window was not visible. Also with ALT-Tab there was no hidden window to find. My question: is there a way to get the library window back to the first laptop monitor without resetting Studio as described above?

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