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Studio 10.7 Patch Needed

Last post 05-15-2018, 6:40 by iopieriskalis. 4 replies.
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  •  05-14-2018, 11:27 764565

    Studio 10.7 Patch Needed

    I just need Studio 10.7 Patch, which can't find anywhere online (there are links coming up in search, but these are all obsolete).

    I did find a 10.8 patch, but this caused me to have to re-install my original 10.6 discs [because of crashing whenever I tried to copy / paste, or Move anything: starting from when program crashed at the exact time I copied something].

    10.7 I find is at least workable (despite frequent crashes: tho Not too serious, as allows continuing from point before the crash [despite unsaved]; and anything on clipboard would still be there).

    But I do have postponed projects created in 10.7, which won't be able to open [from 10.6]; until I get the patch.

  •  05-14-2018, 13:17 764572 in reply to 764565

    Re:Studio 10.7 Patch Needed

    You can find it on jjn's website here :
  •  05-14-2018, 18:17 764607 in reply to 764572

    Re: Re:Studio 10.7 Patch Needed

    Thanks ever so much, that's an absolute life-saver !

    Tho will only install it when I need to [ie; when reaching postponed ones, in about 8 projects time]. As am getting on just fine with 10.6, for time being (with regards to any new projects, started from scratch).

    Seems to be working quicker, and with far less crashes [perhaps due to my operating system]: so may go back to that after finishing with postponed ones. But there are quite a few, and with rather extensive work already carried out on: so thanks again !
  •  05-15-2018, 1:19 764624 in reply to 764565

    Re: Studio 10.7 Patch Needed

    If you are still using Windows XP there is no problem with PS10.6 being installed.

    If you have Windows 10 then that's where you will encounter several problems. Pinnacle Studio 10 will not install on Windows 10. If it does you will encounter several problems with it. 

  •  05-15-2018, 6:40 764631 in reply to 764624

    Re: Studio 10.7 Patch Needed

    Yes: I have tried installing on Windows 10 laptop, and audio effects went back to default (straight after setting parameters).

    But reason I needed 10.7 patch, with XP installation: is due to all my other projects having been created in that [ever since registering]. Thinking about postponed projects, in all practicality: but won't be able to open any that were created in a higher version. (Which would be the error message if trying to open from 10.6; ie something along the lines of "... cannot open, created in a later version ...").
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