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Pinnacle Studio & Avid Studio Tutorials and Social Websites

Last post 03-14-2018, 18:59 by Knyte. 275 replies.
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  •  05-22-2013, 7:03 593382 in reply to 593374

    Re: The Flying Effect Tutorial

    Tony, mine is still in the wrapping but I have just looked at the Avid Studio box. The front cover opens out to give info about AS. There it says the green screen is 5 ft x 6 ft (1.5 m x 1.8 m) in size.

    About right for children but not much else. 

  •  05-22-2013, 7:09 593383 in reply to 593382

    Re: The Flying Effect Tutorial

    That is small..... But if you are shooting the upper body, it will work. I will pass on this info. Thanks!
  •  06-02-2013, 20:57 594507 in reply to 593374

    Re: The Flying Effect Tutorial

    It is 5' X 6'
  •  06-02-2013, 21:00 594508 in reply to 594507

    "Videomaking - The Grammar Revealed" Book Review

    This book review of "Videomaking - The Grammar Revealed" tells you all you need to know about this book which will assist you in creating video masterpieces. The book focuses on camera basics, video editing, audio editing, framing shots, shot angles, and much, much more.

    Videomaking - The Grammar Revealed

  •  06-17-2013, 19:02 595950 in reply to 594508

    Which One Do You Like Best?

    Check out this video on the virtual reality sets I made for the PinnacleStudioPro channel. They are so freaking awesome that I couldn't decide on which one to use. So I need your help to decide. Watch the video and leave a comment on which virtual set you like the most.

    PinnacleStudioPro Virtual Reality Sets 

    I made the Virtual Reality Sets with Adobe After Effects.

  •  06-30-2013, 20:30 597178 in reply to 595950

    Digital Juice Products & Juicer Tutorial for Pinnacle Studio

    If you've tried to use Digital Juice products with Pinnacle Studio or Avid Studio and you couldn't get them to work you need to watch this video. It tells you which products you can use and tells you how to the products you can use work. Don't end up with buyers this video before you buy.

    Digital Juice Products & Juicer Tutorial for Pinnacle Studio

  •  07-12-2013, 14:40 598397 in reply to 597178

    The Kamehameha Effect Tutorial

    This tutorial on the Kamehameha effect in Pinnacle Studio 16 / Avid Studio will turn your talent into a super saiyan like Goku or Gohan from Dragon Ball Z.

    The Kamehameha Effect Tutorial

  •  07-12-2013, 16:59 598411 in reply to 598397

    The Top 5 Websites For Pinnacle Studio Support

    Here are the top five customer support websites for Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio. If you can't get your question answered or the information you need from at least one of these sites, you won't find the answer or the information anywhere.

    Pinnacle Studio & Avid Studio Support Websites

  •  07-27-2013, 13:37 599894 in reply to 598411

    The Highlight / Spotlight Player Effect Tutorial

    The highlight / spotlight player effect for Pinnacle Studio 16 / Avid Studio places the focus on one athlete in a sports video. This tutorial will help get your player to stand out and be noticed in recruiting videos or highlight videos for college coaches, or your own home movies.

    Highlight / Spotlight Player Effect

  •  07-29-2013, 21:43 600130 in reply to 599894

    YouTube Contest From PinnacleStudioPro

    ***SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for all PinnacleStudioPro YouTube Subscribers***

    Once a month we will be giving away a 3 month membership to StudioBacklot and once every 3 months we will give away a year subscription to Class On Demand.

    In order to win you have to be subscribed to the PinnacleStudioPro YouTube channel and watch our first video every Saturday for more details on how to win. If you are not subscribed to that channel you can't win. So subscribe, watch our first Saturday video of each month, and get your chance to win free stuff!

    Subscribe to PinnacleStudioPro on YouTube

  •  08-10-2013, 12:59 601362 in reply to 600130

    The Muzzle Flash Effect Tutorial

    Shoot em' up! The Muzzle Flash effect tutorial is here. This tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 16 / Avid Studio will teach you how to have shoot outs and gun fights in any video.

    Watch to learn how you could win a three month subscription to StudioBacklot.TV.

    The Muzzle Flash Effect

  •  08-24-2013, 10:36 602846 in reply to 601362

    Support Fundraiser Removed


  •  08-24-2013, 10:38 602847 in reply to 602846

    Pinnacle Studio 16 & Avid Studio Effects Compilation

    Check out this compilation of all the effects we've created with Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16.

    Pinnacle Studio 16 & Avid Studio Effects Compilation

  •  09-12-2013, 18:20 604346 in reply to 602847

    Pinnacle Studio 16 Split Screen Effect

    Take a gander at the Pinnacle Studio 16 Split Screen effect and learn how to combine two video clips on one scene to create the appearance of individuals talking on the phone, or two people doing something simultaneously in two different locations. Use it however you want, it will add value to your projects.

    The Split Screen Effect

  •  09-21-2013, 13:58 605066 in reply to 604346

    Pinnacle Studio 16 Letterbox Effect

    The Pinnacle Studio 16 letterbox effect tutorial shows you how to add black bars above and below your video clip.

    The Letterbox Effect

  •  10-05-2013, 16:45 606384 in reply to 605066

    Pinnacle Studio 16 Scrolling Credit Tutorial

    The Pinnacle Studio 16 scrolling credits / text tutorial shows you how to create scrolling text that rolls up the screen like the end credits in Hollywood films.

    The Scrolling Credit tutorial
  •  10-18-2013, 21:48 608057 in reply to 606384

    Pinnacle Studio 16 #1 Improving Render Speed

    Want to improve your render speed in Pinnacle Studio 16? If you want that beige line to turn to a green line faster watch this video. The tutorial will help you speed up the render process so you can get back to editing your video quickly.

    Improving Render Speed

  •  10-31-2013, 19:25 610115 in reply to 522045

    Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Review

    The Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate review and overview will show you all the new features and ins and outs of the video editing program from effects, to importing and exporting media, to managing files in the library, to burning and authoring discs.

    Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Review

  •  11-16-2013, 16:06 612544 in reply to 610115

    Mercalli V2 Pro Review & Tutorial

    The Mercalli V2 Pro plugin review and tutorial for Pinnacle Studio will show you how this software stabilizes shaky video, smooths pan shots, and cleans up zoom shots.

    Mercalli V2 Pro review
  •  12-05-2013, 21:06 615140 in reply to 612544

    Pinnacle Studio 17 Basic Editing Tutorial

    Get all the info on the basic so you can start creating great memories with Pinnacle Studio 17. We break down the features you need to know to create great videos and show you how to use them. In this video we do an overview of timeline tracks, trimming, splitting, video importing, transitions, and more.

    Pinnacle Studio 17 Basic Editing Tutorial

  •  12-07-2013, 9:40 615346 in reply to 615140

    Back To The Future Effect Tutorial on StudioBacklot.TV

    This tutorial can be found on the website but I thought I'd give everyone a sneak peek of the effect. Enjoy!

    Back To The Future Effect Tutorial

  •  12-21-2013, 10:43 617709 in reply to 615346

    The Energy Wave Effect

    The Pinnacle Studio 17 energy wave effect tutorial shows you how to create a smooth wave of energy. It uses elements of the laser effect and the turbulent edges effect.

    The Energy Wave Effect

  •  01-04-2014, 14:36 619044 in reply to 617709

    Looping DVD and Extended DVD Menus

    Want to adjust the amount of time that your DVD menu stays on the screen? Want to create a DVD that repeats without having to press a single button? Give this tutorial a look and learn all about the wondrous secret world of of the DVD menus.

    Looping DVD / Extended DVD Menus
  •  01-09-2014, 18:28 619671 in reply to 619044

    Importing and Managing Media Assets Tutorial

    Get to your media with the greatest of ease. Watch our Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate tutorial on importing and managing media assets to get that media in check and transfer it from your computer or device to the Pinnacle library for use in your projects.

    Importing and Managing Media Assets

  •  01-20-2014, 15:46 620873 in reply to 619671

    Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Contest / Giveaway

    PinnacleStudioPro is giving away a copy of Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate. Watch this video to find out how you can enter the contest and maybe you'll walk away with a free copy of Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate.

    Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Contest/Giveaway


    The entry rules, requirements & provisions of the contest are below.

    1. You must be a PinnacleStudioPro YouTube channel subscriber. If you are not a subscriber you can not win. 

    2. You need to create a video with the title "Why I Love PinnacleStudioPro". Upload the video to YouTube and post it on the Pinnacle Studio Pro Facebook page. 


    3. You need to create a video doing one of the PinnacleStudioPro effects with the title "The (Name of the Effect) Effect by PinnacleStudioPro". Upload the video to YouTube and post it on the Pinnacle Studio Pro Facebook page.

    4. You can not have more than 15,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. The contest and software is meant for those who are trying to increase their presence on YouTube.

    5. DO NOT SPAM THE YOUTUBE COMMENTS or FACEBOOK PAGE. This will automatically disqualify your entry. The ONLY way to enter the contest is outlined above.

    6. Video Responses Submitted after February 24th are null and void and will not be entered into the contest drawing.

    PinnacleStudioPro Facebook page

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