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Pinnacle Studio & Avid Studio Tutorials and Social Websites

Last post 03-14-2018, 18:59 by Knyte. 275 replies.
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  •  03-15-2012, 21:58 522045

    Pinnacle Studio & Avid Studio Tutorials and Social Websites

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    Welcome to the thread for all things PinnacleStudioPro. This is the place to view our Pinnacle Studio video tutorials and get links to our social websites. Heck, if you know an easier way to navigate through a particular process or create an effect that you see in our tutorials you can share your process with the rest of the forum. Big Smile


    PinnacleStudioPro Social Websites

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    PinnacleStudioPro RSS Feeds

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    Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check back often to watch our video tutorials. As always, any comments or questions are always welcome. Talk to you soon! Big Smile

  •  03-16-2012, 0:50 522053 in reply to 522045

    Re: AvidStudioPro Tutorials and Social Websites

    Where To Get Effects

    This video will provide you with some great websites to obtain the resources to make awesome effects with Studio. We'll also give you information on compatible file formats and tools to help you convert files to formats which are compatible with Studio.


    Where To Get Effects - Avid Studio

  •  03-20-2012, 21:09 523002 in reply to 522053

    You Picked The Red Pill...You Are No Longer Blinded...You Can See The Matrix.

    The Matrix Effect. Sit back and get ready to see sites you only dreamed imaginable. LOL!


    The Matrix Effect

  •  03-20-2012, 21:11 523003 in reply to 522053

    Lasers Everywhere!!!

    Star Wars...Star Trek...even Battlestar Gallactica had lasers. If you want to make a laser effect or laser gun for your next video watch this tutorial and learn how to make it happen.

    The Laser Effect

  •  03-20-2012, 21:13 523004 in reply to 522053

    Want To Learn How To Fly? Watch This!!! UP, UP, and AWWAAAYYY!!!

    Fly, smash, crash, and land just like a super hero. Watch the Hancock Effect to learn how to make it happen.

    The Hancock Effect

  •  03-20-2012, 21:14 523005 in reply to 522053

    Time Stands Still For No Man!

    Unless you use a video effect to freeze time. Check out our latest tutorial on how to make a time freeze effect and we'll prove it can be done. Watch and Learn!!

    The Time Freeze Effect

  •  03-20-2012, 21:16 523006 in reply to 522053

    How To Get Hit By A Car - Tutorial in Avid Studio

    Watch this crazy buy get hit by a car...and learn how to do it yourself!

    Hit By A Car

  •  03-20-2012, 21:17 523007 in reply to 522053

    Avid Studio + Boris Graffiti - The Best Combination Ever!!!

    Don't believe me? Check out this tutorial I made on video intros using Avid Studio and Boris Graffiti.

    How To Make A Video Intro

  •  04-12-2012, 6:40 526288 in reply to 523007

    Logitech, I Got Me A Logitech!!!

    Review Time!!! Our review and unboxing of the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam will give you some great info and a case of the giggles.

    Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review and Unboxing

  •  04-16-2012, 13:40 527000 in reply to 526288

    Re: Logitech, I Got Me A Logitech!!!

    Loved the video on the freeze frame effect!  I gave you some love on YT also.  I immediately made a video utilizing your technique.  It's a good idea to NOT use any automatic features on your camera when doing this.  Use manual everything (white balance, color, etc).  You can see the "seems" in this video as a direct result of the automatic white balance on my sony cx560.  You might need to watch for clouds too if your shooting near windows or outdoors. It still came out great though!

  •  04-16-2012, 19:48 527070 in reply to 527000

    Re: Logitech, I Got Me A Logitech!!!

    LOVED IT! You did a great job using the time freeze effect in that video. It suited the plot of the commercial and looked great. BTW, Declic Video wants to feature the time freeze effect on their website and they also want to include your video as an example of what someone did after using the effect. Do you mind if they post your video on their site alongside my tutorial?

    Please reply and let me know either way.


  •  04-17-2012, 12:28 527204 in reply to 527000

    Re: Logitech, I Got Me A Logitech!!!

    Eightysix86, great job!
  •  04-24-2012, 9:11 528317 in reply to 523002

    Re: You Picked The Red Pill...You Are No Longer Blinded...You Can See The Matrix.

    Hey Vigor2001,

    Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the great effect videos on youtube.

    I bought Avid Studio a little over a month ago for a few school projects and have been learning a lot of tricks by watching your tutorials, in fact I have tried to reproduce a few...

    Here are a few demos that I came up with after watching your videos:

    Matrix Bullet Dodge Effect

    Clone Games

    Kamehameha Effect

    Keep up the good work ASP!


  •  04-24-2012, 21:28 528437 in reply to 528317

    Re: You Picked The Red Pill...You Are No Longer Blinded...You Can See The Matrix.

    Hey Nightmarcher, great job on the effects. I'm glad I was able to help you out. You videos look great. The Kamehameha effect was nice. I have an energy ball effect that I am planning on doing myself. It is a little different than yours but I still like how yours tunred out. Keep up the great work!
  •  04-25-2012, 21:45 528588 in reply to 522045

    Converting Actions Essentials Files

    Quicktime or .mov files come in multiple codecs or compression formats. Only .mov files with DV, MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 codecs work in Studio. In order to get all .mov files to work with Studio you must know how to convert them to a compatible codec. This video will teach you how to convert your Action Essentials files and any .mov to a compatible format for use in Pinnacle Studio.

    Converting Action Essentials Files

  •  04-26-2012, 12:15 528645 in reply to 528588

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    Hopefully, Avid will add more codecs so we won't have to resort to spending more money. People should watch this video to make sure that Avid Studio will work with the .mov format they have.
  •  04-26-2012, 12:46 528651 in reply to 528645

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    Not disagreeing with you Tony, but it is possible to do some of these conversions without spending money. Mediacoder is worth a look.
  •  04-26-2012, 13:15 528656 in reply to 528651

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    Free is always good. Better would be to have more codecs in the program! I am 'fortunate' to not have any of those issues. My 2 cameras import just fine.
  •  04-28-2012, 10:01 528900 in reply to 528651

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    Free is awesome, but not always better. Price is important in todays economy but, if price is all that matters then the Microsoft Zune would have put the iPod out of business...not the other way around. LOL! :-)

    I know that most people want to use free solutions and media encoder is a fantastic option. I provide solutions that the newbie and the seasoned video editor can understand and for this purpose I think the solution I offered works well. The learning curve for some with media encoder is much higher especially when creating custom files (which have better quality than the presets). QuickTime Pro is easy to use and it allows the user to keep the file as a .mov. So I guess it all depends on who you talk to. Free and learn, or $29.99 and use? It is all up to individual preferences and there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

  •  04-28-2012, 10:22 528901 in reply to 528900

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    When I skin a cat I prefer not to have to pay Apple for the privilege Wink
  •  04-30-2012, 20:40 529234 in reply to 528901

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    I hear you Jeff. If you know "how" to skin the cat and it is "easy" to do free is better. Everyone has their own preference.

    Unfortunately everyone doesn't have the same level of knowledge or experience and some prefer to pay for some things to get them done. Everyone can make videos/films for free with Windows Movie Maker but some people prefer to pay for Avid Studio (and other Avid products) because the user interface and other features make editing easier and they have the knowledge and experience to use it. It is all about the individual, their preference, and their experience level.  

  •  05-01-2012, 2:56 529264 in reply to 529234

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    No argument with that Smile

    The main reason for specifying "free" is because of the people who complain that they shouldn't have to pay extra to convert something that AvSo should, in their opinion, be able to handle anyway, and they have paid for AvSo. I'm of the opinion that Avid can't possible keep up with every obscure video and audio format that a 3rd party decides to implement, some of which are never intended to be edited anyway. There are some formats that need to be added to the compatible list, though AVCHD 2, for example.

  •  05-01-2012, 21:47 529437 in reply to 529264

    Re: Converting Actions Essentials Files

    No argument with that Jeff! Big Smile

    I defintely understand your point of view and appreciate your comments.

    Most consumers buy video editing programs without doing the proper amount of research or even reading the box to check the system requirements. Even though I don't work for Avid I find myself answering complaints about AvSo not working with files. AvSo users complain to me that they paid for a program that doesn't work when they haven't done due diligence to ensure that the program will work with their computer, file formats, etc. I can understand the complaints about bugs (even though I have yet to experience any of them), but complaints about things that the buyer can avoid are uneccessary. So yes, grab media encoder if you want a free solution and check out Xilisoft (works great on all files and has a codec converter) or QuickTime Pro if you don't mind giving up the loot. Big Smile 

  •  05-10-2012, 1:11 530596 in reply to 522045

    Green Screen Tutorial

    Want to get a clean key every time you use your green screen? Watch this tutorial and you will be amazing your audience, family, and friends with realistic chroma key effects.

    Green Screen Tutorial

  •  05-10-2012, 3:00 530605 in reply to 530596

    Re: Green Screen Tutorial

    Awesome! As usual, you take the "mystery" out of it and make it simple to do. Now, about the cost of the light kit...... ?
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