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Re-installing 15

Last post 12-29-2016, 11:59 by R_Vera. 27 replies.
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  •  12-28-2016, 3:41 728197 in reply to 728194

    Re: Re-installing 15

    You cannot install any programs in a different HDD. In windows 10 the c drive is the only drive you can install any programs you want and won't let you install them in any other hard drives.
  •  12-29-2016, 11:04 728290 in reply to 728197

    Re: Re-installing 15

    Attachment: screenshot.jpg

    I disagree. 

    I install all my apps on the drive of my choice.

    If you look at my screenshot, you will see that the top entry 'install pinnacle Studio 15 to:' gives the option to change the drive and is open and ready to use.

    The next entry 'install pinnacle Studio content to:' also gives the option to change the drive. This one is locked to 'Drive H' which is the drive where I installed Studio 15 originally. This drive has been removed from my system.

    In fact the default drive for installing the content is the C drive.

    Somehow, the drive for the content is locked and as this is on the installation disc, I cannot find a way to change this.  

    When I change the drive letter from Drive G to Drive H, using  diskmgmt.msc  I can install Studio 15 from the installation disc, but this means that every other app that I have installed on drive G will no longer work which is why I want to change the drive letter for Studio content from H to G but I am unable to because it is locked on the installation disc. 


  •  12-29-2016, 11:59 728293 in reply to 728290

    Re: Re-installing 15

    Just found this video tutorial. Hope it will help you on what you want.

    NOTE: Make sure to backup your hard drive before attempting this step.  

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