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Studio 15 - Activation Keys

Last post 04-19-2016, 0:21 by PinnacleStudio15. 10 replies.
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  •  05-01-2015, 17:27 674055

    Studio 15 - Activation Keys


     I've launched my Studio 15 HD after some time today, only to find that I'm unable to import mp4 videos.

    Namely, whenever I try, Studio 15 prompts me to activate the MPEG-4 Encoding/Decoding component; a seemingly easy procedure which however I'm unable to complete since Pinnacle was bought by Corel and they apparently changed the server address; hence, the online procedure is now useless.

    I've tried the website as well, but for some reason it won't give me the activation keys, even if I was able to successfully register my copy.

    So, my question is: how can I get the bloody MPEG-4 Encording/Decoding thing to work again?

    Thanks a lot!



  •  05-01-2015, 17:29 674056 in reply to 674055

    Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Ciao Giovanni and welcome in this forum.

    Feel free to send me a private message providing your PS15 passport # (not your serial !) + registration email address. I'll asked Corel an activation key for you.

    BTW, given your time zone + first name, I'm assuming your Italian. Do you know there's an Italian sub-forum available here ?

  •  05-01-2015, 20:47 674081 in reply to 674056

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Salut Saby!

    Thanks, sorry for the cross-posting, I was just desperate to get an answer. Please feel free to delete my message if you feel they are inappopriate. I'm new to the forum and not too familiar with the policy, apologies.

     I'll send you the info straight away via PM.




  •  06-13-2015, 23:20 680205 in reply to 674056

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Good night,

    I've got exactly the same problem as Giovanni had. I'm unable to import mp4 videos, and I'm unable to complete the online procedure to recieve the activation keys with my official and registered copy. Could anyone help me, please?

    Sorry to bother and thanks in advance!


  •  06-14-2015, 0:24 680212 in reply to 674056

    Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Same recipe : PM a moderator providing your software's passport # + registration email address.
  •  09-21-2015, 14:45 687389 in reply to 680212

    Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys


    J'ai un problème de clé d'activation qui ne serait plus valide. 

    Je vous explique : j'ai acheté une mise à niveau (téléchargeable) vers Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection en 2011 - référence de commande AVID : 2582162 "Pinnacle Studio All Upgrade To Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection".

    Je l'ai utilisée sous Windows XP jusqu'à ce que je change de PC en juillet dernier (sous Windows 7). Lorsque j'ai voulu réinstaller Pinnacle Studio 15, je me suis rendu compte que je n'avais plus le .exe sur mon disque dur. J'ai donc cherché sur internet une version téléchargeable gratuitement - qui se trouve être une version Trial - et j'ai entré ma clé d'activation, une fois le logiciel installé. Malheureusement, cette clé n'est pas reconnue comme valide.

    Existe-t-il une solution ? ... sans devoir acheter une nouvelle mise à niveau (vers Studio 18).

    J'ai lu que lors d'une modification de système d'exploitation et une réinstallation sur un nouveau PC, un nouveau passeport était généré et qu'il fallait réinitialiser les clés... je n'ai pas l'impression que cela ait fonctionné. 

    Merci d'avance pour votre aide précieuse.



  •  09-21-2015, 16:13 687393 in reply to 687389

    Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Salut Nicolas.

    Tu viens d'écrire dans la partie Anglaise du forum. Je prends contact par Messagerie Privée.


    Hi Nicolas.

    You wrote in the English section of the forum. I contact you by Private Messagery.

  •  04-01-2016, 8:55 709269 in reply to 687393

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Hello I want to activate the mp3 key in studio 15

    I have send you my details with pm

    Thank you

    Teo Kementzetzidis 

  •  04-01-2016, 16:07 709290 in reply to 709269

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    New key request sent to Corel for you.
  •  04-08-2016, 21:36 709720 in reply to 709290

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    Check out your PM inbox. Sorry for the delay.
  •  04-19-2016, 0:21 710302 in reply to 674056

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Activation Keys

    I purchased a Dazzle Video Creator Platinum HD with Pinnacle Studio HD v15. I have tried to register the product but avid addresses do not work. I tried to register the licence on Pinnacle with same results.Do you know how I can activate my product to have full functionallity?
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