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Pin-outs for DC30+ Y cable

Last post 04-07-2015, 16:53 by TheProfRobin. 4 replies.
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  •  04-07-2015, 11:32 671508

    Pin-outs for DC30+ Y cable

    During my move to France, the audio Y cable (8 pin mini DIN to 4 phonos) which was taped to the top of an Apple G3 was not there when I came to need it.

    ******    Does any kind person know the pin outs so I can make one? *******

     Curiously, every decade or so, I buy a new video capture card in the fond belief that  it will be better than the one I bought before.

    Relentlessly, I have found that it is always worse and I still have 200 VHSs to digitise.

    I have compared new digitisations of those I made with the DC30+ nearly 20 years ago and they are visibly worse.  I have kept a G3 which is dedicated to this job and I loaded the Squared 5 StreamClip DC30 Xact Driver to get all the codecs, including 4.2.2 which of course is overkill for a VHS transfer but it means I can recode to any format I like with no upscaling losses like you get from the current wave of 640x480 crippled capture cards.  Curiously, the DC30+ has come into its own because the limitations of disk space that hampered it in the 1990s no longer apply.  The G3 was always fast enough to catch the stream from the DCD30+.  Such a pity that Apple blew up the bridge on PCI when they made the G5.

     Even the Hollywood Bridge Dazzle is better than the newer cards; it just has the annoying habit of flipping into the DV->DV  straight pass thru mode everytime it talks down the firewire.

  •  04-07-2015, 12:06 671513 in reply to 671508

    Re: Pin-outs for DC30+ Y cable

    How about this?

    If that's not what you are after, I suggest you post on the Liquid Forum as the guys there are more likely to be able to help.

  •  04-07-2015, 16:13 671540 in reply to 671513

    Re: Pin-outs for DC30+ Y cable

    Many thanks jjn for your quick response.  

    It says its compatible with DC30+ so I guess one of those flying leads is the audio in/out mini DIN 8.

    If I dont get the pinouts to solder a lead for free then Id get that, use it and then ebay it on if anyone still wants/needs it.

  •  04-07-2015, 16:30 671547 in reply to 671540

    Re: Pin-outs for DC30+ Y cable

    With my soldering skills I'd pay the £18!
  •  04-07-2015, 16:53 671550 in reply to 671547

    Re: Pin-outs for DC30+ Y cable

    I have soldered iPhones jjn 

    Nothing to beat a lazy summer afternoon stripping down one that has been dropped off the Pont du Gard.


    But yes, I'd pay that to save the time, but the shipping to France doubled the price.


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