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Issues with activation

Last post 02-12-2015, 19:51 by saby. 7 replies.
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  •  01-24-2015, 4:21 662173

    Issues with activation

    Attachment: issue1.PNG

    As I attempt to drag .mov files in to edit them I get the the following messages (see attached photo)

    and if I proceed to click on it I get a message that says "resource not found"

     did anyone else have a similar issue? and how did you guys resolve it!? 

    thank youuu!! 


  •  01-24-2015, 6:33 662177 in reply to 662173

    Re: Issues with activation

    Have you previously registered the program?  If so, try getting your activation codes from here.
  •  01-26-2015, 2:44 662406 in reply to 662177

    Re: Issues with activation

    The activation codes I attempt to enter are already "in use"

    How do I get new activation codes? Like for an additional user?

    Thank you! 

  •  01-26-2015, 4:55 662408 in reply to 662406

    Re: Issues with activation

    What do you mean by "an additional user."  The license only allows you to use one copy of the program.   If you registered the program and need to reload it, I can help you obtain your activation codes.  But if you didn't register the program, or received it from someone else who registered it under their email address, I won't be able to help you.
  •  01-26-2015, 6:24 662413 in reply to 662408

    Re: Issues with activation

    yeah I need to reload the program onto a new computer so obtaining the activation codes is what I'd need

    thank you 

  •  01-26-2015, 8:19 662426 in reply to 662413

    Re: Issues with activation

    Send me a PM with your Passport Number, Serial Number and registered email address.
  •  02-12-2015, 19:16 664379 in reply to 662173

    Re: Issues with activation

    Hi Guys, I am getting the same box, have you just had the fatefull windows 8.1 update run on your machine? My StudioHD 15 was running superbly on W8 on a laptop until atwo weeks ago when windows updated itself to 8.1, then StudioHD wouldn't open from the desktop, I uninstalled it, ran the reinstall and all seemed well until i tried to continue with my latest project. Thats when this message occured, the link is no longer active ( 404 ) 

    Its no different on a W8.1 machine and from the tech response there's nothing that can be done as S15 is no longer supported..........any ideas???? 

  •  02-12-2015, 19:51 664383 in reply to 664379

    Re: Issues with activation

    Same issue => same solution = send a PM to a moderator providing your software passport + email address used for registration.
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