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3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?

Last post 09-29-2014, 19:28 by jacques72. 5 replies.
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  •  09-29-2014, 15:14 643890

    3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?



    I am searching for a replacement of my current Avid Studio 1.1, which needs certain 3D Features.

    I tryed to check the  user guide but couldn't find it here.

    I am planning to create 3D-Animations, resulting in two separate files, one per eye. (uncompressed AVI in full HD, later maybe as well in 4k)

    Can I tell ps17u to use These separate files per eye, meaning can I assign the L/R-stream?

     I want to export the result in a BluRay3D compatible file to Play via a media Player (eg Oppo 103)


    Anyone here who can help me on this before I spend Money for the update?




  •  09-29-2014, 17:26 643906 in reply to 643890

    Re:3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?

    Attachment: Capture.JPG
    It is perfectly possible to ride in 3D from Pinnacle Studio 17 (first update in 17.6) 
    1) Place the left clip on the track # 1 
    2) placing the clip on the right track # 2 
    Open "effects" - "stereoscopy" 
    Assign each clip effect "left eye knob" for track 1 
    Assign each clip effect "selector right eye" for track 2 
    And by selecting "anaglyph" on the timeline you should see the clips in 3D with red cyan glasses. 
    Made installation and make either side by side or 50% multistream 

    I am at your disposal for further information 

    I'm french and I'm using google to translate, please kindly escuser me

  •  09-29-2014, 17:33 643907 in reply to 643906

    Re:3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?

    Attachment: Capture_2.JPG
    Assigning tracks 
    1 - Left 
    2 - Right
     You used two video cameras for shooting?

  •  09-29-2014, 18:58 643917 in reply to 643907

    AW: Re:3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?

    Looks like it is going to be my tool! Thanks a lot for the info.


    About two cameras: Yes and No  ;-)

    As I wrote, I do 3D animations, so there is actually no physical camera involved at all. Basically I design the scene in a 3D Studio Software (in my case DAZ 3D) an create a camera object I can move through the scene, "filming" the animated or stalled objects in the scene.

    Now I simply duplicate the camera and create a second one a little to the side of the first and move both 100% parallel. So I get the same scene with two different angels. All I Need to do is put them together and this is what I like to use Studio for.
    (Basically this is the same like Pixar is doing for their animation movies in 3D, but of course they definately work on a way higher level as I do ;-) )

  •  09-29-2014, 19:20 643919 in reply to 643917

    Re:AW: Re:3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?

    Yes of course, is the 3D graphics such as Blender. 
    Super. The software does not allow rendering Side by Side 50%?
     You should have no problem importing.
  •  09-29-2014, 19:28 643922 in reply to 643919

    Re:AW: Re:3D Features of Pinnacle Studio 17.5U?

    I also have friends who works with GoPro camcorders are two.
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