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Upgrading to new PC and need help

Last post 07-01-2014, 9:59 by mikesndbs. 7 replies.
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  •  06-18-2014, 11:46 635063

    Upgrading to new PC and need help




     HI OK, for many reasons a new PC has been ordered alone the lines shown.


    So I'd really like some help getting sorted out.

    Would Studio 12.1 run on this new Windows 7 system? if not, what's the best Studio to upgrade to and can I transfer over my existing purchases such as score fitter and effects?


    Exciting but scary time LOL



  •  06-18-2014, 12:21 635065 in reply to 635063

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help

    Studio 12 is compatible with Windows 7 so install that first. If at some time you decide to install Studio 17, remember that it is an entirely different looking program so you may want to still keep S12 installed while you get used to S17.
  •  06-18-2014, 16:08 635082 in reply to 635065

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help

    Hi David, wow this is such good news, I never thought it would be! new system says its 64bit while the old one says 32bit I have no idea what this means, any issues?
  •  06-18-2014, 18:24 635092 in reply to 635082

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help

    I have been using 64 bit for 4 1/2 years, I think I would have noticed if there were any issues. With 32 bit you are limited to a useable 3.25 GB of ram. 64 bit does not have that limit so hopefully you have a useful 8 GB.
  •  06-21-2014, 3:56 635228 in reply to 635092

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help

    Hi and thanks


    I have found a few problems listed about installing.


    But some say it installs just fine.

    I'll have 16GB ram on the new system so should meet the needs well.


    Note the comments about the new Studio being very different, I feel that would be an issue for me as I like how 12.1 looks and works.

    Really hope this goes smoothly.

    Is there a fast way to make sure all the activation codes are in place instead of having to input them one by one?

  •  06-30-2014, 13:58 635976 in reply to 635228

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help



    Please to report that I have Studio 12.1 up and running on the new system. 

    I had activation codes for the following: DivX  Dolby 2 Channel  Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel  Dream Glow  H.264   MP3  and  MPEG-4/DivX

    But I am sure I had more?


    Anyway, tried rendering and the green line shot across the screen :) so very happy with that. 

  •  06-30-2014, 18:09 635994 in reply to 635976

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help

    You've got all the important ones as far as I can tell (mpeg-2 happens automatically when you register)

    There was a redundant codec for mobile phone audio (AMR?), and you may be missing some of the eye-candy menus depending on what other content you had, but you may need to use bonus discs to get those.

  •  07-01-2014, 9:59 636044 in reply to 635994

    Re: Upgrading to new PC and need help

    :( Thought it was too good to be true.


    Discovered that many of the 2D and all the Alpha Magic transitions don't work! they just quick fade.


    Wonder what's up with them? 

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