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Motions not working in S15 HD

Last post 02-07-2014, 9:44 by R_Vera. 1 replies.
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  •  02-03-2014, 18:51 622562

    Motions not working in S15 HD

     I recently had a problem with my transitions not working, so I reverted back to an earlier EVGA Driver, (I updated a new one last week, Driver v.332.21)  then today I went to the EVGA Download site, and downloaded the 3-13-2012 Driver, Clean Install, for my GeForce Nvidia 8600GT, and lo and behold...That works now!!

    BUT NOW...I'm having problems with the 'MOTIONS" feature, unless I don't know what the heck I'm doing...

    I created a three sentenced line. I locked the lock. I highlighted all three lines of text.

    In MOTIONS, I chose "LINES FROM BEHIND". Clicked OK, or Apply, and went back to the edit screen, waited for the green rendering to finish, then replayed just before the title, and watched....NOTHING HAPPENED....It just stayed put,without moving.

    I did the same thing for "LINES FADE", and BARREL ROLL". ....but nothing. 

    This time, I tried two separate lines, and locked both, and chose another motion, but this time, the top line stayed still, and the second line actually did a barrel roll.

    I'm sorry. I have Cancer and do not have the patience of visiting the tutorials about how to accomplish this task on making the motions work, so if anyone has a quick link or suggestions to help me, I would again, appreciate the gesture.

    What's the trick? 

    Thank You! 

  •  02-07-2014, 9:44 623214 in reply to 622562

    Re: Motions not working in S15 HD

    Try to find the update version 310.90

    If you can't find it, then you need to uninstall your updated patch and install the Nvidia card program from your disc that came with your graphic card.

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