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Audio buzz

Last post 11-13-2013, 19:03 by David Hunt. 3 replies.
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  •  11-12-2013, 19:15 612071

    Audio buzz

    Just installed Dazzle DVD Recorder HD and it works great except that the preview playback has a loud buzz that drowns out the audio. I connected it to my old camcorder with S-Video and audio cords. Any help how to eliminate the buzz?
  •  11-12-2013, 19:56 612073 in reply to 612071

    Re: Audio buzz

    Depends on where the buzz is originating from. Stretch out the timeline and count the spikes. Are there 60 every second. If so it is probably mains induced. Run the camcorder on battery only and make a recording. Do you still get the buzz.

    In the tech specs for the Dazzle no mention is made of a power supply so I presume it is powered by the USB port.

  •  11-13-2013, 18:42 612185 in reply to 612073

    Re: Audio buzz

    It is powered by the USB and running on battery doesn't change the buzz. I only counted less than 10 spikes.

    I'm wondering if the problem is a hardware problem with the Dazzle converter because any other clip I run in the program sounds great. It's just ones I've converted with this new one.

  •  11-13-2013, 19:03 612189 in reply to 612185

    Re: Audio buzz

    Might be a faulty capacitor I suppose but I'm no expert.

    If it is new, try and exchange it under warranty.

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