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ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

Last post 09-26-2013, 19:09 by David Hunt. 6 replies.
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  •  09-19-2013, 22:27 604935

    ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    I have Studio 15 HD Ultimate and using WIN 7 64 bit / 8GB DDR2 / Q6600 / MSI P-35 platinum MoBo

    Is it only me, but if I don't use my studio for six months, the program mysteriously loses the titles, and other effects, even though I see them in my program control panel.

     I went to capture a tape for a movie, and when I tried to insert a title, the screen turned white. This is even after I deleted cookies, temp files, and recycle bin,

    I restarted computer and started fresh. Then I was able to continue with the movie, but when I tried to insert a title, but the only choice I had was 'PERFORMING KIDS". I inserted the creative pack Vol. 2 Seasons, then saw the error message, ..."Your system has not been modified, Run setup again, click finish the wizard". I then ran a program compatibility, and the compatible showed "WIN XP SP2, and encountered an improper argument".  WHAT?  I have been using this Studio version after I installed WIN 7 last year.   What does WIN XP have to do with WIN7?

     It seems when i don't use the program for six or more months, I lose all the activation keys, effects and titles.  

     I tried to do a REPAIR using the install CD, but the titles are still not there.  Pinnacle does not have upgrade patches to this version, only 16. So now what? Please don't tell me to uninstall the program and re-install again, I've only been doing this every single time i want to use the program. Where do I find the TITLES?

    Are the titles on the Creative pack Vol2 Seasons, or on the INstallation CD?  I went to my pinnacle content folder and see all of the different title folders, but in the Studio program, all i see is the performing kids...??? 


  •  09-20-2013, 4:35 604952 in reply to 604935

    Re: ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    Have you googled the error?

    You do need to uninstall/ reinstall but this time make a proper job of getting rid of all the leftover bits and pieces. Use programs such as Microsoft fixit, Revo uninstaller or Ccleaner.

  •  09-20-2013, 17:01 605032 in reply to 604952

    Re: ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    Hello Dave, and thx for the reply.

    i still don't know why after not using the program for about six months, how sound effects, Titles, and other features go missing.

    ok, I guess I'll have to perform yet another un/install and go through the inconvenience AGAIN.

     So NO, I have not done the Install yet. I can still make movie without needing the sounds,effects, or Titles.

    One more question, I have two drives, I always place programs in on my WD Raptor 74GB HD, and all the videos from "MYPROJECTS"  on the 'C' Drive, and move them over to mt onboard 'D' Storage Drive, but when I tried to do another Make Movie today, it told me my C drive was at O hard drive space, and to delete Aux. files to free up space. I went to Program Data, saw Media, and Render, but did not know exactly what to delete, for fear if losing any studio image, or studio files needed to make future videos with these saved preferences.

     In the studio 15 HD program opened, it has a place to change where Auxullary files will there any reason why I could not change the path to throw them onto my Storage D HD?

     I've been backing up my computer, C, & D hard drives to my 3 T Hard Drive, so I could start deleting videos video files, because when I uninstall Studio, it's probably going to delete all my Studio Projects anyway.

    Ive tried saving Pixie files, but something always gets messed up when I do.

    What other Studio Files are safe to delete to create more HD Space?

    With all the previous attempts to delete studio files, resulting in me losing projects in the past, every time I make a movie, I first make a MPG2, or MPG4, or AVI files, then make a DVD disc.   Sorry about all these questions, but I still feel that Studio should supply upgrade patches, instead of making loyal customers BUY a newer version each time, I still have studio 12, 14, now HD 15 Ultimate. A few people I've talked to tell me they dropped Pinnacle with all it's issues, and LOVE the Apple Editing program with all of their neat effects. But I'm a PC, not apple.

  •  09-20-2013, 18:53 605041 in reply to 605032

    Re: ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    It's getting late so will have to come back to this tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, create a folder for the render files on drive D.  IMO Program data is not the best place anyway.

    Change the location as per the screenshot to the one you have just created.


  •  09-23-2013, 16:28 605227 in reply to 605041

    Re: ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    Don't blame you for not getting back, no problem. it's just that for post users of studio, they never have, or have fewer issues wit this program. I on the other hand, when installing this program maybe chse paths that ended up on my C App. drive,then other files ended up on my D Storage drive, which complicated and comprised MY PROJECTS.

    When I set up the studio program, i guess i chose the wrong paths for files, such as where the .scn.,.stx,pixie,image,auxiliary,or MY projects files end up.

     I have two hard drives, one is only a 74GB WD Raptor, which is far faster to booting up than my 500GB WD onboard hard drive. if i do not remove completed PROJECTS from C:\Pinnacle>MY PROJECTS, then my C drive runs out of space. The other day, I had close to '0" disk space left, and could not complete MY MOVIE, without deleting my projects, or deleting auxillary files.

     So, my choices ate either buy a larger (and hopefully) faster boot Hard drive that I could partition, one for studio, and one for programs and apps, or somehow keep what i have, but change directories that paths are directed to my D:\ Storage drive.

     What would be the best case scenario for setting up STUDIO again, after I uninstall using REVO, then re-installing STUDIO, not only so that I can get my Effects, Sounds,Titles, back into my program working again, and direct the STUDIO paths to go to my D:| instead of my C:\ Drive

    In the past, I've always wanted to SAVE PROJECTS over on the EXTERNAL 3TB HARD DRIVE, so when I wanted to make additional MOVIES, and bring them back into STUDIO to change the background music, add grabbed photos off video, add different titles,etc., I could, I do not know what I would need to SAVE over on my Ext. HD, to do this, without missing pixie files, stx,or scn files. In other words, what files would i keep in a folder to copy/paste from Ext.HD back into Studio EDIT?

    Some movies I save as MPG2, MPG4, or AVI, files on the computer for safe keeping, and send to dropbox to send to friends.

    I've tried to IMPORT and play them back to edit, but they seem to jump around erratically, and don't want to see that on a newly burned DVD.  And I certainly do not want to sit through 2 hours of editing all over again.  Sorry about all this stuff, Thanks for any help!  bozo, yes...yes I am!

  •  09-24-2013, 11:46 605308 in reply to 605227

    Re: ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    I have 2 internal WD Caviar Black 6Gbs 7,200 rpm 500 GB HDDS & 1 Seagate 500 GB USB External HDD:

    Internal Drives.

    Local Disk (C:) for Windows OS. All Applications, including Studio. Studio generated Projects. All on  Partition. The other is a hidden System Reserved . Hidden, in that it can't be accessed. Not to be confused with an OEM hidden System Restore Partition. 

    Local Disk (D;) is spare at the moment. 

    External Drive:

    (J) For System Backups, done manually as required. 

    My rule of thumb has always been & will continue to be;  All Applications & Studio Projects on OS Drive (C;).  OS Drive (C;) is Studio's Default. If you deviate from the Default you can experience un-necessary problems, as you've found-out. Studio Projects take-up minimal HDD space. 

    The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. You don't want any impedences to hinder your Studio Editing process.

    Your Raptor 75Gb OS Drive is suffering the same problems as those with small SSDs. The advantage gained from faster OS & Application load times is minimal compared with the disadvantages. There's no gain to be had when Rendering & general Editing. CPU, System & Video RAM, & PC Good Housekeeping are more important for Video Editing per se, than a faster HDD.

    If I Edited Recorded Source Video which I don't, that Video would be Captured/Downloaded to internal Drive (D;). Studio will find it. Studio allocates INDEX, SCN & COS Files to Source Files where appropriate, to each source Video in the same Directory. You need to Delete those when you've completed a Project as part of a general File clean-up..

    Auxiliary (Render) Files are Studio generated Helper Files that stitch-together the Objects in the relevant Timelines to make one contiguous File.

    There are 2 Render Folders. One is hidden. You can select a different Drive for the Unhidden other than Studio's Default Drive (C:), to save space. You can't select a different Drive for the Hidden. You need to Manually Delete it on a regular basis. If you don't, it can build-up very quickly, eating-up your Drive (C;) space. As you've found-out. This is a serious Program design fault.

    In view of the above & your Past history re;  general problems with Editing with Studio & if you want to Edit without too many problems in the future, my advice would be to forget about speed & concentrate on reliability. 

    IMO, you now need to go back to basics. Pinnacle's Studio Recommended Hardware Specs for the Source Video Files you're Editing should be considered the Minimum. You need to configure your PC's Hardware with that in mind. Having done that you should consider the Workflow I've outlined above. Keep it simpleWink


    Old 1997 JVC Analog / S-29 Panasonic VCR
    System Description Studio 15 HD Ultimate P-35 Platinum MS-7345 Motherboard Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) 2.4 GHz, 3328 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512 Memory Size Realtek HD Audio Output Sound DirectX version: 9.0c Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035wm Series WD 500 GB HDD / WD (Data) 74GB RAPTOR HDD (Boot)
    Operating System

    Windows 7

    I assume you' have W7 & not XPSP3? 

    My one Pence/Dimes-worth.

    Back to David or Anyone-else? (Also bearing in mind that S15 is EOL & Corel support has evaporated & there are very few dedicated Studio Forum Members now who support the Forum. Studio isn't my main Editor these days & I seldom use it.).

    Good luckSmile.

  •  09-26-2013, 19:09 605611 in reply to 605227

    Re: ERROR 2343 "Specify path is Empty"

    Attachment: W7 OS info.jpg

    Hi bozobyte, sorry for being so long but I do have another life and have been doing other things. Your problems seem to stem from a lack of space on the C drive and having to move files around. So let's look at the overall picture.

    My first PC in 1982 had a 32KB (yes, kilobyte) OS and 32 KB of ram. By 1992 Windows 3.1 came on 6 floppy discs so would have been a maximum of 9 MB. Move on to 2004 and XPSP2 had grown to 557MB amd was on CDRom and the computer it came with had a 'huge' 200GB hard drive. Again on to 2009 and W7 was on a DVD at 3GB. Take into account that a piece of data has increased from 8 bits to up to 64 bits and that the data is compressed then the actual differences are even larger. However, that is not the main problem. Format a hard drive a few years ago and it would have had a sector length of 512 bytes. Nowadays the minimum sector length is 4096 bytes. The effect of this is that a file cannot be stored in less than 4KB on the disc which can lead to a lot of wasted space (type one letter into notepad and save it. Look at the file properties of file length and space used on disc). The result is that it may be nescessary to upgrade the hardware as well as the software.

    Now let's look at this by example

    Download, install and run

    The screenshot shows my main W7 system drive. It has S15 and S16 installed.  All my user files of downloads, my documents, my photos, my music, my videos, render files etc have been moved to another drive. I'm using an SSD with an available size of 113GB. Current use is 84GB which is more than your 75Gb but wait for the breakdown.

    One quarter of the disc is free space while another quarter is 'files'. Expand files or click on one of the large blue areas. The 2 large files are pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys. Their size is related to the amount of ram so, in your case with 8GB ram, their size will be about 8 and 6GB respectively (half mine).

    That leaves 56GB of which Windows is 21.9GB. This will increase as time goes on due to updates. All the programs only amount to 13Gb. Both Pinnacle programs only come to 2.5Gb but there are a couple of games that come to 4.6GB. You should not have to worry about installing any (usually small) programs. Despite moving User folders to another drive, there are still 17.5Gb of user files on the C drive so what are they. Well, 11.5Gb is the content in Users/ Public ... Ahh! ... the contents folder is only 7.2Gb but there is a contentsOLD folder of 4.3Gb that I could delete. The rest is mainly Users/ AppData.

    To assess whether your 75GB drive will be large enough, first allow 15% (11GB) for defragmenting (or levelling for an SSD) which leaves 64GB. Deduct any of your user files that can be moved to other drives to see if you get less than 64GB. Even less is better to allow for future updates and additions. All programs must be allowed to install on the C drive and assume their default locations.

    The main user folders can be moved to another drive but, for you, I think creating new folders on another drive and using the library feature to nominate these as the default would be the safer bet.

    If you have a desktop and do not need to hybernate then disable hybernation. There is probably somewhere in Windows to do this but otherwise, in a CMD line (as administator) type POWERCFG / HIBERNATE OFF . That should save 6GB.

    If you have no other choice but to buy another drive (new windows install) then back up the system (C) drive as a disc image to an external drive. It can then be installed onto the new drive (unless you want to start again from scratch).



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