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Newblue Audio Bonus Pack Problems

Last post 09-05-2013, 6:03 by iopieriskalis. 0 replies.
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  •  09-05-2013, 6:03 603744

    Newblue Audio Bonus Pack Problems

    I have Studio Plus version 10.7, and some effects in 'NewBlue Audio Bonus Pack' seemed to be working (namely, one I have used a lot: 'Newblue Swirl', howling preset)

    However, 'adjusting lows', 'adjusting highs' and 'newblue graphic eq' are ok while adjusting / setting parameters: but once I hit the pause button, go to check volumes etc. and then hit the 'play' button again: I find that the effect then just has zero effect.

    It is as if that effect had Not even been added.

    So what I did was just purchase the 'Newblue Audio Bonus Pack' to see if that solves it: however the problem still exists.

    The purchase seems to have gone through & 'activated' because logo for effects in that effect pack has changed to white 'VST' logo, and the treasure chest 'activate effect pack' symbol has disappeared.

    I have also, just to make sure: manually entered activation keys; restarted the program; messed around with effect parameters; and also taken the effect off and then re-added it.

    But all to No avail


     PS how do I fix it so that I get emailed about any replies ?

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