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installing with upgrades from 8SE to titanium question

Last post 07-15-2013, 9:18 by Tony P. 3 replies.
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  •  07-06-2013, 20:20 597783

    installing with upgrades from 8SE to titanium question

    OK I know this is a very old version but can't bring myself to spend the $$ for newest version.

     Here is the brief story of my dilema,

    A long time ago, I bought a computer that came with Pinnacle Studio 8SE.  I tried it out became pretty good with it and really liked it so I bought ver9 which I guess is the full version as it does not say upgrade.  Then I got Studio Plus 10 upgrade and finally Studio Plus Titanium Edition upgrade.

    A lot of things happened in my life and never got a chance to install the ver 10 or Titanium edition, machine crashed - more crap happened and then I switched to a MAC.  More years gone by and didn't do any movie editing/creating until now.  I can't seem to get the hang of any of the options for MAC so I built a new PC just to do movies and want to reinstall Pinnacle.

    With that - my question is:

    Is there an easy way to install my latest version or should I install from PS 9 as I said it does not say it is an upgrade but all the others do.


    Please ask anything you need if I haven't made myself clear,

    Thanks for ya'll's time



  •  07-06-2013, 21:06 597784 in reply to 597783

    Re: installing with upgrades from 8SE to titanium question

    Studio 8 to Studio 15 are already gone. There is no support at all. The only version that there is support for is Studio 16, which is a lot different than Studio 8 or above.

    Studio 8 and Studio 9 are not compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You may be able to install them, but may encounter several issues with it.

    Studio 10 up to Studio 15 are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Studio 10, 11 and 12 are not compatible with Windows 8). I had tried Studio 10 on Windows 7 but got too many crashes with it (including the patch).

    Studio 14 Studio 15 and Studio 16 are all compatible with Windows 8

    There are no updates or patches available for Studio 14 or Studio 15. Studio 16 does have a patch available to correct some problems including Windows 8.

    All versions of Studio will not work on a Mac.

  •  07-06-2013, 21:51 597785 in reply to 597784

    Re: installing with upgrades from 8SE to titanium question



    Thanks so much for the fast and detailed response, I really appreciate the honesty.

    So it looks like I dish out anywhere from $60 to $130 depending on which version I want or keep looking and trying various Mac options.


    Thanks again and have a great day,


  •  07-15-2013, 9:18 598632 in reply to 597785

    Re: installing with upgrades from 8SE to titanium question

    You can download the trial version of Pinnacle Studio 16Plus and see if it is what you are looking for in editing. I've been using it since it's release (I use the Ultimate version. The difference is unlimited tracks and Red Giant plugins) and while there are some problems (as with any software), I've done lots of HD videos with the software.

    Mind you, you never really stated what you want to do. What type of source material will you be using, and finally what are your detailed computer specs. PS16 (as with any current NLE) will put a lot of stress on your computer. 

    Also, since you already own (and I assume have the serial numbers) S10, you can upgrade and save a few $$$$.

    You can download the trial version HERE. You can watch the online tutorials to get an idea of how the software works. They can be viewed HERE

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