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studio 12 hd vs sd

Last post 07-07-2013, 20:14 by ghuck. 1 replies.
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  •  07-06-2013, 14:27 597764

    studio 12 hd vs sd

    I use the studio 12 package for mostly slide shows, with some video from my still camera..  I have noticed the last project I made had very poor quality (out of focus, grainy, pixelated).  There used to be a choice between HD and SD quality on starting a new project.  My software no longer gives me the choice.  How can I be assured that the HD is being applied to my current project?  Also, does the setting for the project format effect the appearance of still jpg pictures in the program?  I have set the format to be 1920x1080, 16.9 interlaced.

    I would welcome any suggestions to be able to obtain a high quality output.

  •  07-07-2013, 20:14 597845 in reply to 597764

    Re: studio 12 hd vs sd

    The default behavior in studio 12 is determined by the first item you drop onto the time line. So if you drop SD it will be a SD project, if you drop HD it will be a HD project. If you drop a photo, it will then ask you what format you want. There is a option  the the Setup - project preference to override this behaver, and to always use either SD or HD for your project.
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