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studio 11 - problem getting upgrade / patch

Last post 04-03-2013, 1:30 by blankczechbook. 4 replies.
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  •  04-01-2013, 14:49 586823

    studio 11 - problem getting upgrade / patch

    Hello folks,

    hope i'm in the right place to ask this.. looks like the pinnacle site isn't working as it should.

    I had a studio 11 installed on xp, but the pc has had vista put on it to extend its life a little.

    my problem is now trying to patch the studio install to get it as up to date as possible.

    i don't wish to begin some projects and then find issues that i could have avoided if i'd had the patch from the outset..

    can anyone tell me where to get these patches from that work pls?

     - or perhaps pass a msg to those who may get the site back together again soon?

    Many thanks for your time,


  •  04-01-2013, 14:58 586827 in reply to 586823

    Re: studio 11 - problem getting upgrade / patch

    Try here.
  •  04-01-2013, 16:27 586840 in reply to 586827

    Re: studio 11 - problem getting upgrade / patch

    wow, that's a quick response.

    Thank you, i wish i'd asked earlier now :-D

     i've already downloaded 11.1.0 - the patch that is there. and it is now up and running on that OK it seems.

    - i'd found references to 11.1.1 and even 11.1.2?  so maybe there is still a more recent upgrade that might reappear.

    using google cache it appeared that the pinnacle support pages were still working a few days ago, so i'll pop there from time to time to check.

    thanks again, i think i'll be back and looking here for tips/ideas from now!

    i have a backlog of DV tapes to capture/edit and burn.. and then quite a few Gb of camera clips since then which need the same treatment!

  •  04-01-2013, 21:52 586863 in reply to 586840

    Re: studio 11 - problem getting upgrade / patch

    I am trying to send the owner of that sight Studio 10 standard installer and Studio 10 Plus installer for those of you who have Windows Vista or Windows 7. I will also send him the Studio 9 Plus fixer for Windows XP only.

    I am glad you have everything sorted out. Happy Editings.

  •  04-03-2013, 1:30 587013 in reply to 586863

    Re: studio 11 - problem getting upgrade / patch

    well am pleased to say that a key regenerate worked, a window popped up and an email came through with the keys i'd had before.

     wierd - because the first activation email didn't work at all

    - nor did the update online  within the program.


    only one of my old key codes had worked so i was worried that i'd lost some of the basic keys, but all in all - looks to be OK.



    many thanks again.

    as mentioned above there are other patches which are newer, but don't look to include anything i'll need, so hopefully i'll manage without..    

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