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corrupt software

Last post 04-02-2013, 19:30 by David Stettler. 33 replies.
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  •  03-28-2013, 23:20 586272

    corrupt software

    got a screen shot but don't remember how to post it.  So this is my new delema  in the process of fixing a project problem I un-installed S15 and now while trying to in-stall it the error message says "some files corrupt     download a new copy and 

    try installing it."  Problem is Corel hasn't recognized my purchase of S15 and therefore I'm unable to do this.    I went to my Pinnacle account then to the transfer to Corel and there S15 doesn't show up.   

  •  03-29-2013, 4:46 586290 in reply to 586272

    Re: corrupt software

    Hi David

    Have you read this thread

  •  03-29-2013, 7:04 586315 in reply to 586290

    Re: corrupt software

    Hi Yorke


     Now I have read the thread and now I'm in dread.  I'll just bet I got the same problem as Ted.


    or whatever his name is.  Just thought it rhymed,

    Anyway  thanks Yorke.

    BTW I was wrong, my mother-in-law was from Oldham 

  •  03-30-2013, 8:18 586482 in reply to 586290

    Re: corrupt software

    WELL, while installing a  version of S15 I found on one of my externals I received an error message stating there are 2 corrupt files  ,  one was on " Bonus Content" , the other on "Abrupt ending of Archive".  Will this sort of corruption affect how the program renders the files on the storyboard ?

    One other thing. My software has 2 parts to it ,  Pinnacle Studio U15  section 1 of 2  and  Pinnacle Studio U15  section  2 0f 2.

    It is in section 1 of 2 where I have 2 corrupt files, BUT  2 of 2 won't even open, saying it's an unsupported file.   I AM READY FOR A COMPLETE TURNOVER from the Avid to the Corel.  I want to purchase a Disk this time but I need guidance as to which of Corel's products  duplicates what I had with Studio?


  •  03-30-2013, 9:48 586496 in reply to 586482

    Re: corrupt software

    The Bonus Content will not. But the Abrupt ending of archive if it's on part one, would mean you do not have all of the core software. Your download load must have failed.

    I'd try downloading again to get the whole thing.

  •  03-30-2013, 11:25 586508 in reply to 586496

    Re: corrupt software

    Thanks.  I've tried downloading several times and each time get the same messages.  
  •  03-30-2013, 11:34 586509 in reply to 586508

    Re: corrupt software

    I would try turning off you virus program (during download only and only if you positive your going to the correct site) or better yet go to a different computer on a different internet connection and down load it to a thumb drive.
  •  03-30-2013, 17:54 586560 in reply to 586509

    Re: corrupt software

    Thanks G.

        I'll try your first suggestion about turning off anti virus program.  I don't understand your "plan b"   How would a different comp on a different int connection obtain the software since I got the product via digital download ? 

  •  03-31-2013, 1:43 586568 in reply to 586560

    Re: corrupt software

    This rules out a of things, souch has your computer being spoofed, internet provider blocking or timing you out etc. Since most people do not have a problem with the down load, somthing rather unusall must be happing, which might take a log of trail and guessing to figure out what it might be. A different computer if just a faster way to rule out it's somthing with your set up (i.e. computer, or provider).

  •  03-31-2013, 6:25 586607 in reply to 586568

    Re: corrupt software

    But G,  How does another comp get this product since I don't have a "hard" copy of it.?  If I use my back-up version and up load  Studio to a thumb drive to be then downloaded to a different comp I'm just moving the same corruption to a different unit. no? 
  •  03-31-2013, 7:22 586614 in reply to 586607

    Re: corrupt software

    Gerry is merely saying go to another computer and try downloading the program from there. If you do not want to do it, fine.

    Please do not keep reading anything else into peoples suggestions and then objecting to them.

  •  03-31-2013, 7:50 586618 in reply to 586614

    Re: corrupt software

    Hi David. Please don't keep doing the same to me.  This is whats wrong with emailing.  I was merely wondering how I would be able to download Studio15HD Ultimate on another computer when I can't even get it from it's original source on my computer.  The only copy I have is corrupt and I can no longer get a "clean" version of Studio 15HD Ultimate.  Unless someone out there has one to sell ?  I'll gladly pay the price for a "clean" uncorrupt copy.


     Please do not keep reading anything else into peoples suggestions and then objecting to them.   GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF MY OBJECTING


    I certainly know I have the freedom to do or not do anything.  However I am curious about some suggestions and like to find out more about them that's why all my questions.  Ya get it now David? 


    BTW  me using the word  "NO" with a question mark following is Pennsylvania Dutch for  " is that right?"    Sorry if that threw ya. 

  •  03-31-2013, 10:41 586651 in reply to 586618

    Re: corrupt software

    OK, sorry David, perhaps I should have read the whole thread more closely.

    When S15 was first downloaded, was it in the form of a single zip or exe folder and is that what you backed up. Alternatively you may have unzipped the file and backed up all the files after the installation.

    In view of your continual problems I think you need to do some basic checking of the computer hardware. One possibility is a failing hard drive which is causing corruption to your files. Manufacturers of hard drives have disc checking programs which can be downloaded to check drives. I have used one myself when a download kept failing and then found the disc was failing.

  •  03-31-2013, 16:50 586702 in reply to 586651

    Re: corrupt software

    you know David I don't remember and to be completely honest I don't even know what a "zip" or a "exe" folder is anyway, BUT I will say this I'm up for checking the hard drive can you tell me more about how to proceed?
  •  03-31-2013, 19:07 586718 in reply to 586702

    Re: corrupt software

    When a large number of folders and files have to be downloaded, it is convenient to put them all together as one compressed file as ''.  When you receive the file it has to be unzipped and the folders and files extracted ready for installation.  The exe file is similar to the zip file but self extracts the folders and files when run and executes the installation.

    Checking a drive is not something I would normally suggest but, onthe other hand, a lot of people lately do seem to be losing Studio due to hard drive failure. In your case I know nothing about your computer or the context of the errors that you appear to be having. No one can foretell the life of a drive. It might be 10 years or only a year. It is possible, but only possible, that a drive is failing so it makes sense to find out.

    To help you (and me) I need to know

    How many hard drives you have, the make and model (for instance my Western Digital is a WD10EADS) of each one, and about how old they are.

    Which drive is the system drive and whether it is partitioned.

    If not the system drive, which one do you suspect is giving the most (or all) the errors.

    I ought then to be able to tell you what to do next.

  •  03-31-2013, 19:44 586719 in reply to 586718

    Re: corrupt software

    Ok David, for me that will take a while but I'll do my best.  


    In the mean time I went ahead and started a do over on the project and this time I am taking the advice of others who just make short segments, or clips I guess, and save them as separate entities .  at such a time as I feel it is complete then I'll load up the time line with the rendered clips and attempt to bond them through "MAKE MOVIE"   Rather then attempt to make one 30min movie, rich with extras, all in one project.  So far the short segments are rendering successfully, albeit slowly because of all the effects.


    My lap top has 2 segregated drives C and D.   For the longest time C was the main drive until it maxed out at which time I designated D for Studio.  SO,  right now it's D and was D when this latest problem arose.  

    David, forgive me for asking again but to speed things up for me can you tell me how to post my screen shot of my comp specs? 

  •  03-31-2013, 20:57 586721 in reply to 586719

    Re: corrupt software

    David Stettler:

    My lap top has 2 segregated drives C and D.   For the longest time C was the main drive until it maxed out at which time I designated D for Studio.  SO,  right now it's D and was D when this latest problem arose.  

    it seems pretty common for folks to have trouble after not using the default install of Studio for file/folder locations


  •  03-31-2013, 21:27 586722 in reply to 586721

    Re: corrupt software

    I apologize for my hard to read last posting, I was out of town fixing my Dad's computer and was posting from that computer while waiting for diagnostics to finish running, my mind was on other problems.

    But I agree with BARYE, if you installed the core studio software on D: then that could be the core problem. But if you are just using d: drive to store your video files and or project files then that is OK. Could you confirm how you have you software stored in what drive.

  •  03-31-2013, 21:38 586723 in reply to 586722

    Re: corrupt software

    The software is stored on C,   all the "labor" is done on D


    I would like to post a screen shot of my comp specs but forgot how.  go figure. 

  •  03-31-2013, 21:47 586724 in reply to 586723

    Re: corrupt software

    David Stettler:

    The software is stored on C,   all the "labor" is done on D


    VERY specifically -- what do you mean by the term "labor" ??? 

    How was PS installed ?? Did you accept all defaults ?? What did you put on D ?? and how did it get put on D ??


  •  03-31-2013, 22:10 586725 in reply to 586724

    Re: corrupt software

    pinnacle Studio was digitally downloaded from my account with Avid,  downloaded to C drive.  I have no disc.  by "labor" I mean I switched from C,  which was maxed out,  to D which had 400 something GBs,  for the work of making movies.  I'm lacking in knowledge about how Studio does it's work or should I say on what drive it does it.  What I simply know is all things exported go to D.  It sounds like I'm not being clear or not precise enough but that's what happens when you're not savvy about this.  
  •  04-01-2013, 0:19 586730 in reply to 586725

    Re: corrupt software

    It's OK we will get in sync here. There just some things we would like to get clear before going down a path might not make sense. I thought I understood until your last posting, now I'm not sure where your software is loaded, so let's go about this a different way.

    Right click on the studio 15 icon, and select "Properties", the click on the "Shortcut" tab, and cut and past what it says in the "Target:" box. This will tell us were your software in stored.

  •  04-01-2013, 9:41 586781 in reply to 586730

    Re: corrupt software

    Thanks G.   Here it is 



    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinnacle\Studio 15\Programs\Studio.exe"






  •  04-01-2013, 12:27 586803 in reply to 586781

    Re: corrupt software

    OK, your studio software really is on c: drive, so that rules out a lot of things. I'm thinking you have something blocking the patch (there could be so many things, from the software you have loaded, to something in the register to hardware issues). I think the fastest thing to rule out some of this stuff, is to just use a different computer to down load the software, put it onto a thumb drive then install it from the thumb drive.

    I have lost track, do you have the basic studio 15 working, and is it still just the bonus stuff that is not installing. If nothing is working, I'd install what you have, then run a program like ccleaner (It's free) to get rid of all the unused register entries, reboot, then copy the install files from you thumb drive to your hard drive, and install from that.

  •  04-01-2013, 12:50 586808 in reply to 586803

    Re: corrupt software

    Yes, Studio 15 is working.  What was happening was it quit working in the middle of my most current project.  Granted that project was rich with special effects and I surmise my system  wasn't adequate enough to handle it or my software wasn't clean cause it would quit rendering and post a notice " NOT RESPONDING" in the upper left hand margin. 

    I've since started over on that project, creating very small segments and saving them to my projects file so when I'm through creating my whole movie I'll go back and pull all those saved segments up onto the time line and hope that the movie maker feature works.


    I have CCleaner already installed and have been using it off and on for about a year.  I will do what you suggest and see what happens.  (  to get rid of all the unused register entries) 


    what are "unused register entries" ?


    Thanks alot for sticking with me on this.



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