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Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

Last post 09-21-2012, 7:58 by uhkam. 9 replies.
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  •  09-04-2012, 2:02 547583

    Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    Hello, I have a major problem here...


    I bought Dazzle DVC 101 about 3 days ago. And from that day, it hasn't worked at all while I try to capture with any software (Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder, AMCap, Debut Video recorder etc.). I can see that I get the input signal (from settings, the incoming video input signals is 1, like it should be), but all I have is a black screen. There's no audio signal either.


    I've tried to look everywhere in Internet now, but none of them has worked. I know it's something about my computer, but I don't know what it is... Help is much appreciated!





    P.S. I have another capture device called EasyCAP DC60+, but same problem. There is no video nor audio.



    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Processor: Intel i5 3,2 GHz  (dual-core)

    Display: Nvidia GeForce GTS 8800 512 MB

    RAM: 8 GB

    Sound: Asus Sonar XG
  •  09-04-2012, 14:29 547711 in reply to 547583

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    Hi Uhkam,

     Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers? If not you may try this.

    Try this steps:
    1. plug the dazzle device in the USB port.
    2. Go to Start >>Control Panel >> System >> Hardware Tab >> Device Manager
    3. Go to Sound Video and Game Controllers >> Expand it >> Uninstall PInnacle Device ( if found) or
       Go to Control Panel >> Programs and feature (add and remove programs) >> Uninstall pinnacle video drives
    4. Unplug the Dazzle
    5. Download the correct driver :
    6. Save it on your desktop and Install It.
    7. Restart you computer.
    8. Plug the device and launch IDVDR or Studio software.


    You may also try to uninstall the Instant DVD Recorder and Download this Updated version

     IDVDR 2.6.1  <<=== Click to download


  •  09-04-2012, 14:50 547718 in reply to 547711

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    Hello, Marose


    Yes, I have tried uninstalling and then re-installing the drivers for several times now - with both Dazzle and EasyCAP. It doesn't work 

  •  09-04-2012, 18:43 547775 in reply to 547718

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    Have you tried installing the update for the IDVDR for Windows 7? on the Capture Source is the DVC 101 is listed? Did you check the cables being used?
  •  09-05-2012, 13:28 547948 in reply to 547775

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    Yes, I have updated IDVDR. Other capture programs are also up-to-date or have worked before.

    Yes, I can see DVC 101 in Capture Source being listed there.

    Yes, I have triple-checked them now, and it's how it's suppose to be. 

  •  09-06-2012, 22:47 548267 in reply to 547948

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    It seems that it might be a hardware problem, since even other capture programs didn't but to make sure, can you try that using on a different computer? Just to make sure of it.
  •  09-07-2012, 8:42 548335 in reply to 548267

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    I tried with another computer. Dazzle works with my laptop (though poorly because of bad specs)


    And on a sidenote: EasyCAP started working with my computer, too. I found an unofficial update to it which made it work 

  •  09-10-2012, 14:03 548954 in reply to 548335

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    Oh I see.. It worked on your other computer. It seems there is something conflicting with the dazzle on the other one..

    Please try creating a new user account then try to use the dazzle.


    Fellow Mods, Do you have anything to suggest?


  •  09-10-2012, 18:24 549024 in reply to 548954

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    I tried with another user account. It showed nothing, too.
  •  09-21-2012, 7:58 550926 in reply to 549024

    Re: Dazzle DVC 101 not working at all

    So... that's it? That's all the support I get? If so, I'm returning my Dazzle back to the store I bought it



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