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Segments of slide show are missing / not rendered

Last post 05-18-2012, 20:06 by Lee Gillie. 4 replies.
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  •  08-02-2011, 9:09 485168

    Segments of slide show are missing / not rendered

    I am running Avid Studio.

    I built 3 movies. One with a slide show of still images and music background, another is video from a camera, and another is video converted from a powerpoint presentation. Each previews perfectly on their own. These 3 movie projects are included in a disc project as 3 chapters.

    All is fine here EXCEPT the slide show chapter.there are black-ed out segments in the disc project. It is like a slide does not show, but the transitions/fades between shows a brief blip of it. There is no break in the audio. About 10 slides in the whole show did this. The blank out shows when previewing in the editor and also when burning the disc project to DVD.

    I went into SETUP / CONTROL PANEL / STORAGE LOCATIONS and clicked DELETE RENDER FILES to force RENDER with the DISC PROJECT open. Then closed and opened the original slide show MOVIE project and did the same to force render. I did a project sub-edit of the movie from the disc project, and this did not help either. I can seem to find anything to get these blank portions to render.  I have removed and re-added the movie project to the disc project. The MOVIE is fine on its own.  As part of the DISC it has these blanks. Many of the missing segments have pan and zoom. Not all pan and zoom segments are missing.

    This is crazy... thought my project was done last night, but apparently the fun is just beginning!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  •  08-04-2011, 9:42 485446 in reply to 485168

    Re: Segments of slide show are missing / not rendered

    I saw a similar issue in previous Pinnacle versions, and could usually fix it by deleting the render files. Sometimes I had to decrease the amount of zoom in the shot. It generally occurred when the image was high resolution, and when doing a goodly amount of zoom. I was told this was a known Pinnacle bug.

    But the oddity here with AS is the MOVIE is fine, but the DISC the movie is included in has the missing segments.

    My JPG are 3680 x 2070 and I am zooming from full frame into as much as a 1/6th portion (group photo zoom to head shots) or vice-versa. Duration of these clips are 10-12 seconds.

  •  05-18-2012, 16:12 531729 in reply to 485168

    Re: Segments of slide show are missing / not rendered

    I've started having the exact same problem.  Black segments appear (from 3 to 15 seconds) at various portions of the DVD.

    Sometimes it occurs with video-only movies, other times with photo-only movies.  I've deleted render files, also checked the zoom ratio on photos with no luck.  Finally uninstalled and re-installed AVID today with no change.

  •  05-18-2012, 20:03 531746 in reply to 531729

    Re: Segments of slide show are missing / not rendered

    I found it was necessary to limit the amount of zoom when it happens. Usually delete the zoom, and reapply something less.  Generally I think it is more likely to happen on a high resolution image. You might try converting the image in the movie to a lower resolution, and then trying again. I get a feeling it doesn't like the math involved in scaling down very large numbers of pixels.
  •  05-18-2012, 20:06 531747 in reply to 531729

    Re: Segments of slide show are missing / not rendered

    As I recall, in my experiments, the duration of the zoom did not matter. It was all about original image size, and amount of zoom.

    Definitely a bug we'll probably never see fixed :(

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