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HDV Plan B

Last post 10-08-2007, 17:19 by TVJohn. 20 replies.
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  •  10-06-2007, 18:15 46531

    HDV Plan B

    This looks like a good back-up for those with HDV cameras.
  •  10-06-2007, 18:25 46535 in reply to 46531

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Sorry to say this John but are we going to argue again?
  •  10-07-2007, 6:41 46639 in reply to 46535

    Re: HDV Plan B

    About what? Software that advertises edit capabilities from imported DVD? Liquid does not officially support that. Basic native HDV MPEG editing? Cost of $50 US?
    I don't see this as a threat to the purpose of Liquid. Certainly shouldn't be at its selling price.
  •  10-07-2007, 7:53 46651 in reply to 46639

    Re: HDV Plan B

    I've not put it up yet, but there will be a thread to publish favorite shareware/commercial software. And TMPGenc certainly falls into that category (I'd actually be curious to know how many of us don't use TMPGenc or CCE Basic or ProCoder).
  •  10-07-2007, 8:06 46654 in reply to 46651

    Re: HDV Plan B

    No two pass encoding is the hole in Liquid that these products fill. When that hole is plugged, there will be less need for encoding externally. Untill then, as professionals, we should always try to deliver the best product we can. Especially when that tool comes so affordably.
  •  10-07-2007, 9:07 46676 in reply to 46654

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Because I am not sure what you are talking about, Liquid fully supports VOB's files as I am using them frequently with no problem ever.

    And please stop spreading false things about Liquid.

    This among others are not good signs for the new forums.

    I thought that it would be different here.


  •  10-07-2007, 9:12 46679 in reply to 46676

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Please explain this:
    And please show me where the option for two pass encoding is located.

  •  10-07-2007, 9:32 46691 in reply to 46679

    Re: HDV Plan B

    I don't care about 2nd pass as my final DVD's from Liquid look just fine at air.

    And I will say it again VOB's files are working great at Liquid. I have to show you many screenshots if you like.

    You are not talking to a newbie John. I know very good Liquid.

    I don't know if next versions of Liquid will have this or not or they will be just like 7.2 which are unofficial supported.

    The only thing I know is that Vob's files are working. In case of something doesn't work just rename it to .mpg and will work.

  •  10-07-2007, 9:41 46692 in reply to 46691

    Re: HDV Plan B

    George, I realise English is a second language for you. But saying someone is spreading lies is strong language. Constructive comments even when not flattering, do not imply dislike or disloyalty. I have demonstrated my support and commitment to Pinnacle via product purchase since studio 7 delux and Edition 5. you are entilted to your opinions and beliefs as am I.
    I do not see the usage of external tools to fill needs and stating the reasons as "spreading lies".
  •  10-07-2007, 9:48 46695 in reply to 46692

    Re: HDV Plan B

    This has nothing to do with 2nd language (I don't have anything against you, don;t take it like that, in fact you are one of the few which I like to disagree with).

    Saying that something Liquid doesn't do while it does and I am using it and I know that it does even if it's unofficial or anything this is wrong.

    If you were a dedicated user of Liquid you would try to have those options you thing they are needed by asking them, as I try to do in such situations.

    But how do you know that they work good on that application you are proposing?

    Instead of trying to make better Liquid you propose another application which of course is your choice to do but is mine also to disagree.

    That's all. And I take back the world lie. OK?

  •  10-07-2007, 9:55 46697 in reply to 46695

    Re: HDV Plan B

    We are OK. I admire your passion and dedication. The fact is the TMPge thing is new, and I used the words "might be" a good option. I CAN say that CCE basic is super fast ( half the time it takes Liquid) encoding mpegs
    and has options that Liquid does not offer. So far, I am impressed with TMPGe source creator, especially with a WMF to Mpeg conversion I tried vs Liquid and even DVDit6pro.

  •  10-07-2007, 9:59 46699 in reply to 46697

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Yes but you are one of those who know things. Why not bring those things to Liquid by asking them?

    If we don;t believe them, who is going to, John?

    I said that with my Quad Core DVD Creation for Liquid is superfast now ONLY by using 38% of the power of my CPU.

    Don't you think I would like it to be 10-12 minutes?

    I told you that again. We are not alone here. They are buyers who decise upon what we say.

    The question is if we want Liquid to prosper or not?

    And you as me we are some kind responsible for that. 

  •  10-07-2007, 10:01 46700 in reply to 46695

    Re: HDV Plan B

    What I don't understand is, why I should not be able to import from my HDV camera in Liquid. I do so all the time, and dispite some display transition disturbances while editing it works alright.

    Of course, Vista compatibility, fast engine etc., maybe easier DVD import - all things that could be improved in Liquid, but generally spoken, that stuff works, doesn't it? And i'm not encoding twice if I get it into Liquid. Personally, since I produce on a european HDV 1080i/50 hz equipment, after editing I convert the entire project either to NTSC later plus a version for BluRay in 1080i/60hz in the program Canopus Procoder 2 anyway...

    Then burn it in Cyberlink (BluRay) and the NTSC mpeg project in Liquid.  


  •  10-07-2007, 10:06 46701 in reply to 46700

    Re: HDV Plan B

    I also import HDV from my Canon XH-A! sucessfully via Liquid. Maybe because of my long history in the business, I like to have a "Plan B" ready just in case.
    ( Things aren't perfect, the're simply not broken yet)
  •  10-07-2007, 10:18 46706 in reply to 46701

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Well this is something else now.

    HDV works better than anything else on Liquid.

    I used to import from 2 Z1 without a problem on my older system!

    Liquid is excellent with HDV material and HD with a good system.

    Maybe it's the best out there. And in naitive m2v. No transcoding, no plugins.

    But we know all of them, aren't we?

    What you say John, is that Liquid improts HDV only because you know how to do it?

    How can I call this? 

  •  10-07-2007, 10:30 46712 in reply to 46706

    Re: HDV Plan B

    OK. Perhaps I should explain what a "Plan B" is. I'm speaking about a back-up plan in case your primary method has problems. If a back -up to SIMPLE HDV capture and SIMPLE edit costs you $50 and works as stated. What is the problem?
  •  10-07-2007, 10:33 46714 in reply to 46712

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Well I said what I said, you don't want to understand me, perhaps because this is my 2nd language.

    If it's how you feel, I have nothing more to add. 

  •  10-07-2007, 11:05 46722 in reply to 46714

    Re: HDV Plan B

    As I understand, you feel there is no reason to look outside of Liquid for any reason. That is OK. I may be gainfully employed and satisfied with my job, but that doesn't mean that having a resume up to date is disloyal or disobedient. In the vid world, more or less you are on your own. You owe it to your self, your family, and your customer to stay current with technology and improvements in the industry as they arrive.
    If I was in charge of QC or Beta testing, I would want my engineers to have copies of competive products to insure that my product performs well against what is out there. As users of NLE we need to keep an open mind and regard advances as good competition which improves the industry.
    I will sample products made even by competitors for value and usefullness. If they serve my purpose, I will purchase them.
    I do think the forums at Pinnacle will be a bit more open regarding constructive critique than the rules governing forums at Avid, and this should be a good thing.
  •  10-07-2007, 19:36 46825 in reply to 46722

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Liquid is just ONE tool in the tool box... and there is certainly no harm in filling the tool box with others. You short change yourself as well as your customers by not knowing what other tools are out there and the various abilities they contain. I certainly know already that George won't see it this way... but there are other programs out there that can do things liquid can't. I for example, sure can't do HD DVD's with liquid.
  •  10-08-2007, 6:19 46942 in reply to 46825

    Re: HDV Plan B

    I think it's worth knowing about (and how to use) a variety of tools. I've developed several workflows that include Liquid as well as TmpGenc, AE, Nero, DVDLab Pro, SoundForge, etc... I can do almost everything in Liquid, but sometimes I want a capability that Liquid doesn't do as well. Examples include compositing, DVD authoring and audio manipulation. Liquid can do all of these things quite well, but every once in a while, I might need that little extra and hence, I dig into my toolbox and pull out a specialty tool. I like Liquid because of the flexibility it afords me (and that includes being able to work with multiple supporting toolsets).
  •  10-08-2007, 17:19 47189 in reply to 46942

    Re: HDV Plan B

    Pretty much the way I see it.
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