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Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

Last post 02-27-2010, 13:03 by Timay. 11 replies.
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  •  11-30-2009, 17:15 358294

    Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    Aloha guys its been a long time since I have posted.  

    Bestbuy last week had a sale ($149.00) on the Kodak Zi8 (1080P, 720P (60 frames), 720P, WVGA and 5 MP stills) so I picked one up to use for a family vacation.  I just imported 3.5 GB worth of clips from it and and laid on my video track.  Liquid say its has to render it and it will take 81 hours LOL!  Am I doing anything wrong?  The footage was shot in 720P. 

     Will Studio import the native H264 mov files and let me edit without having to render? 

     Thanks in advance.


  •  11-30-2009, 17:24 358297 in reply to 358294

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I don't know if it will actually take that long but Quicktime format files are not native to Liquid and they have to be rendered in order to play and Liquid renders QT files very slowly. You might want to look into something that can transcode them outside of Liquid to a format that Liquid can work with natively such as mpeg2. Quicktime Pro might be able to do that.
  •  11-30-2009, 17:57 358303 in reply to 358297

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I have used conversion programs such as FormatFactory or Super (both free downloads from the Internet) to covert various media (e.g. AVCHD to MPEG2), but not on QuickTime files, so can't comment on the speed of the conversion.  Since these conversion programs are free, it might be worthwhile to give them a try.  If you do, please let us know how it works for you.
  •  12-02-2009, 20:12 358949 in reply to 358297

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    Thanks Lew and Igor, since I had it,  I just tried to use Cucusofts media converter and although it converted to MPEG2, the video in Liquid looked like mush.  I don't think I want to go there especially when I took the flash stick and tried it in my daughters Mac book with iMovie and of course it worked flawlessly.

    What HD format does Liquid edit with without any conversion?  I am currently shooting with a PD170 and its been great with Liquid.  But I really want to move to a tapeless solution.  What is the best low light (comparable to the PD170 (low light and XLR)) tapeless cameras that ENG/Wedding videographers folks are using?

  •  12-03-2009, 8:02 359082 in reply to 358949

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    The PD170 is a great camera! If you can afford it look on e-bay or craigs list in your area and see if you can find either a firestor or a citydisc hard drive. It will hook up to your camera via firewire and records video to the hard drive directly from your camera. I use tape on some jobs and others I just use the citydisc unit. I haven't had any major issues and use them for Dv as well as HDV recording. Transfering 5 hours of video can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Paid jobs I use tape as a back up to the drive. If you start the hard disc recording before you start the tape recording you can change tapes in the middle of the event without interupting the recording of the hard drive unit. Just need to be careful not to jar the camera too much. I built a cage for my units to fit under the camera to help distribute the weight and keep everything tidy. This is just 1 option and it has saved me countless hours of capturing time........Edd
  •  12-05-2009, 19:15 359762 in reply to 358297

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I've got the Zi8 too. Great little HD camera if you hold it still.

     I paid for QT Pro to convert the video where I can use it in Liquid but I have yet to be able to figure out which conversion is best. 

    I've tried MOV to AVI which should work, but no. 

    compression options include DV/DVCPRO-NTSC, 29.97 frame-rate, interlaced, and 4.3 (i'm not editing HD)

    I can also  compress using dvcpro/pal, dvpal or none.

     I've tried exporting as Avid/2VUY which doesn't import into Liquid while AVID MpEG2 does, but takes forever.

     Anyone here using Quicktime Pro to successfully export file that Liquid takes without rendering.







  •  12-06-2009, 5:03 359874 in reply to 359762

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I've got QT Pro here. If you could post a short sample file, I'd be happy to play with it.
  •  12-06-2009, 11:21 359981 in reply to 359874

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    Sure, thanks. I'll have to post it somewhere else. You can't upload mov files here.





  •  12-19-2009, 5:00 363565 in reply to 359981

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I've got a 22mb mov file, shot in 720p. I've opened it in Quicktime Pro for export to use in Liquid 7.

    QT Pro gives me the options to export as an Avid MPEG2 (video is really poor) or DV25, DVCPro25 and 50, an Avid YUV, AVID2 YUVHD, MPEG4 or AVI along with about a dozen other options.

    I've tried YUV which takes a reaaaaaaly long time. The AVI file exports quickly  but when I import into Liquid7, the clip is green and the video never plays. I'm not given any options other than where to store the file.

     Has anyone had success importing any of these file types where the video 1. looks good, and 2. doesn't take 30-34 hours to render?

    I'm at a dead-end.





  •  12-21-2009, 5:15 364042 in reply to 363565

    Re: Importing MOV Files from Kodak Zi8

    I've decided to export all of the mov files as a dvd movie in the Kodak software that came with the camera. Now, I'll connect the cd player to the video camera, the camera to the computer and capture the movie.


  •  02-27-2010, 8:09 383206 in reply to 364042

    Re: Importing MOV Files

    Does Liquid 7.2 import the following formats:

    Full HD - 1080p (1920x1080) MOV file

    HD - 720p (1280x720) 60fps MOV file

    Comments please?  I am using a ContourHD 1080p.

  •  02-27-2010, 13:03 383250 in reply to 383206

    Re: Importing MOV Files

    Check this just need to know that .mov is a quicktime file. Wink


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