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Canon HV40 - No timecode in EZ-Capture

Last post 08-27-2009, 22:27 by slackguy. 2 replies.
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  •  08-26-2009, 23:16 333201

    Canon HV40 - No timecode in EZ-Capture

    Just picked up a HV40, shot my first HD footage in HDV 1080i and am now trying to capture it in AL7.2.  I connected the Firewire port on the camera to the BOB, put the camera in Play mode and XP recogized the HV40 with no problems.  Created a new project in AL using HDV2 (1440 x 1080i at 29.97 drop frame.  Opeing up EZ-Capture, it immediately recoginzed that it was HD (I had already forced the Playback mode on the HV40 to HDV only and set the DV Output to HDV/DV) and had all the correct settings preloaded in the "Settings" button (assuming that 1440 x 1080 is correct for this camera).  EZ-Capture captured the footage just fine except I noticed during capture that there was no timecode being displayed.  I believe all the settings are correct in the HV40 and in EZ-Capture.  Only setting I'm unsure about on the HV40 is the "Data Code" setting in the "Display Setup/" menu.  I have that set at it's default of "Date & Time".  Other choices are "Date", "Time" and "Camera Data".  Could that be the issue?  Does EZ-Capture support the capture of timecode with HDV footage?  We can struggle through the edit but this production was shot to an AV Script and logged during production by camera timecode.  Would be nice if we could use the log!

    Thanks in advance for the excellent help from the great folks on this forum!

  •  08-27-2009, 0:57 333223 in reply to 333201

    AW: Canon HV40 - No timecode in EZ-Capture

    See the manual's section Input - EZ Capture - More Information on EZ Capture:

    No metadata will be stored. No TC is included.

    I suggest not to use EZ Capture at all. When using the Logging Tool instead, you later can batch digitize your footage again when you wiped the hard drive from the media files. And you get the TC in the clips so your scripts can be used. That is not possible with EZ Capture.

  •  08-27-2009, 22:27 333558 in reply to 333223

    Re: AW: Canon HV40 - No timecode in EZ-Capture


    Thank you for that excellent information!  I will use the logging tool from now on whenever we are shooting scripted and logged productions.

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