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Scaling of imported JPGs

Last post 07-27-2009, 15:01 by Smoothie. 7 replies.
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  •  07-26-2009, 14:23 325254

    Scaling of imported JPGs

    I am working on a project shot in 16:9 (and therefore editing in 16:9) but have to import some JPG stills shot in 4:3.

     What are the optimum settings under the Properties "V" tab for 1) Scaling and 2) Pixel Aspect ...

    a) to retain 4:3 within 16:9 (with black side bars), and

    b) to cheat the stills to 16:9 while preserving their original aspect ratio (thus obviously losing some image at top and bottom)?

    Some settings seem to cause "pattening" on the JPGs, especially when dissolving from currently shot 16:9 to/from a JPG image.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  •  07-26-2009, 20:01 325279 in reply to 325254

    Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    My experience with photos in Liquid:  Sometimes you can resize and reposition with the 2D editor and sometimes the best results are achieved by cropping or resizing in a photo program (I use Paint Shop Pro).  I just finished a sequence of photos and had to use both methods. 
  •  07-27-2009, 2:46 325316 in reply to 325279

    Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    I agree. Retain the orginal setting and use the 2d editor. The settings on the clip just force an aspect ratio, and this is not always giving the best result.
  •  07-27-2009, 3:13 325319 in reply to 325316

    Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    Thank you for your helpful comments.

    The LE Reference Manual seems rather void of helpful advice on this topic.

    I would prefer to achieve the result in Liquid as it isn't always possible to judge accurately the aspect ratio in PSP (which I also use).

    I have seen other posts suggesting using thye 2D Editor but am not sure why this should be better than altering the clip properties settings as, surely, that is what they are there for!

  •  07-27-2009, 4:10 325325 in reply to 325319

    Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    Best results would be achieved using the Classic 2D editor as it does the best subpixel scaling. Next would be the 2D CPU editor which also does subpixel. Avoid the GPU editor if possible.
  •  07-27-2009, 7:58 325369 in reply to 325325

    AW: Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    Using the 2D classic editor gives you the choice to try different algorythms for the calculations. It is not documented how the different algorythms influence the quality as the results depend on the source material. It might be worth giving a try anyway if you have time to render and compare then the results.
  •  07-27-2009, 8:47 325393 in reply to 325369

    Re: AW: Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    And to add to what Hans said, you also have the choice to change them in the 2D CPU editor (although there are less choices).

  •  07-27-2009, 15:01 325500 in reply to 325393

    Re: AW: Re: Scaling of imported JPGs

    Thanks for your advice Lew & Hans.  Are the Scaling and Pixel Aspect functions (in Properties) not recommended for use - at least for stills - then?

    Now editing in 16:9, I find that the Editors cause multiple black edge lines to be seen when re-sizing.  They seem to be absent after rendering but make re-sizing very difficult as you cant see what you are doing!  Any suggestions as to why this happens?  All is normal when using the Editors on 4:3.

    Thanks again.

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