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SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

Last post 06-25-2011, 23:53 by ozviewer. 12 replies.
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  •  07-19-2009, 8:00 323567

    SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues


     If ,like me, you've had any problems with a showcenter which will not respond to the remote control, even though it appears to be otherwise OK, it could be that there has been a failure of its' power supply. First you need to confirm if possible that the remote itself is OK - change the batteries etc, try a different one if you have one, try it with a different showcenter - whatever you can.

     If the remote is OK, but the green light on the showcenter does not flash when you press a button, then it is likely that one or more of the capacitors on the power supply has failed. The short guide below shows how you can replace the capacitiors and get it up and running again.

    If your showcenter is completely dead, it may also be worth taking off the lid and checking the power supply - especially if it is no longer in warranty - to see if there are any blown capacitors.

    If you are not competant with a soldering iron, I recommend that you ask someone who is to do this, as if you get things wrong you could potentially destroy the showcenter altogether.

    It's just a shame that Pinnacle insist on effectively crippling such a good little device by using poor quality components in the first place.


  •  07-20-2009, 10:40 323849 in reply to 323567

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues


     nice guide, had to do this on the last SC that I bought on eBay.


  •  08-18-2009, 11:38 330513 in reply to 323567

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    Very nice guide. I think I have the exact problem described here. I will try my hand at this. Thank you very much!
  •  08-22-2009, 18:40 331868 in reply to 323567

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues



    Thanks again for the nice guide. It worked like a charm for me. I replaced the 1000uF 10v capacitors. It was a little stressful to de-solder the existing capacitors, so I left the other two.

  •  08-23-2009, 6:41 331961 in reply to 331868

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    It's an additional purchase, but if you're going to Radio Shack to buy a new capacitor *anyway*, you might want to check out their desoldering vacuum tool.  Makes desoldering components quite a bit less stressful.


  •  08-23-2009, 18:29 332076 in reply to 331961

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    Thanks for the tip. I saw that tool while I was at Radioshack buying the solder and iron. I should have got that. I couldn't get the capacitors from Radioshack. Had to buy them online.
  •  11-09-2009, 12:41 352713 in reply to 323567

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    Yes, that's another success.  The problem was exactly as your document says, even down to the same capacitor being blown.  The cap had obviously got hot, because that white goo they use to hold them in position had gone brown and crispy.

     Maplins didn't have the direct equivalent capacitor for the 22uF / 400V one, so I used a 47uF / 450V one, which was rather larger than the original one, but it pushed to the side (overhanging the board) and then no problem.

     Thanks, runningdeere, for the info for a couple of pounds my showcenter is back working again.

     (Note for non-UK people - Maplins is an electronic store, like Radio Shack is in the USA)

  •  05-08-2011, 1:11 472091 in reply to 323567

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues


    Can anyone advise if this blown power supply looks as if it is a caps issue as well?

    When I look at the caps they appear ok, and the damage appears next to a heatsink or something.

    I do have a friend that will be looking at this second unit, but wanted your advices, if any.


    [click to view image]

  •  05-09-2011, 0:50 472203 in reply to 472091

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    That looks like it's the Voltage Regulator that's blown (I think that's what that 3 legged component with the heatsink is)

    Anyway, I would say your best bet is to de-solder it, and see if you can find the same or equivalent part to replace it (it should have a part number on it - just make sure the replacement is rated the same or better)

    You also need to investigate how that happened - it's something I haven't seen before. Make sure your Show Center is connected to a Surge Protector.

    It may also be worth changing the 2 10uF while you are on with it, as they have a tendancy to fail.


  •  05-09-2011, 2:20 472209 in reply to 472203

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    Thank you kind sir...I will relay this information to my mate whom is going to try to undertake the repair


  •  05-09-2011, 2:24 472210 in reply to 472209

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    For your info only, this a photo of the reverse side

  •  05-24-2011, 6:09 474772 in reply to 472210

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    Any progress?
  •  06-25-2011, 23:53 480000 in reply to 474772

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues


    Sorry for the late update on this..had some health issues. My mate has done all new caps and voltage regulator, but the item still won't power up. He is going to keep exploring it, as time allows him to do so.

    Again...sorry for delayed response.

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