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Uninstalling Studio 10+ in Vista HP

Last post 06-23-2008, 22:08 by Marc P.. 4 replies.
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  •  06-20-2008, 11:24 200352

    Uninstalling Studio 10+ in Vista HP

    I am unable to uninstall Studio 10+ from a new updated Vista. I get that it is already in the process of uninstalling. I have seen related posts close to this subject but not Studio 10+. I have purchased Studio 12 ultimate and wanted to do a clean install knowing how twitchy Vista and Studio products seem to be. I have other posts regarding this install that I will be monitoring.



  •  06-20-2008, 20:29 200566 in reply to 200352

    Re: Uninstalling Studio 10+ in Vista HP

    If you can't Uninstall S10 via ADD/REM PROGs, insert Prog Disk 1 & choose Uninstall.. If that doesn't work, Run RegDelete for S10 & then Delete all Folders/Files for S10, including Hidden Files & Folders.

    BTW - If you're going to Uninstall S10 before Installing S12, you won't be able to Transfer  purchased Premium Content from  S10 to S12, via S12 Transfer Wizard. You would have to Transfer from Content DVD instead.

    Either Finish all S10 Projects or Render them to File / DV-AVI, before Installing S12.

    I will not be Uninstalling S10 either before or after I eventually Install S12. I have no outstanding Projects & have XP. I suggest you do the same.

    ADDED - Read Jeff's Post here: 

    In other words - Don't Uninstall S10.

  •  06-20-2008, 20:59 200577 in reply to 200566

    Re: Uninstalling Studio 10+ in Vista HP

    So I should KEEP 10 even though I'm not getting just the upgrade of 12?! Since I upgraded (downgraded) to Vista, 10 will not start and was generally an unstable program. So what use will it be to me? I've already removed the premium content. Will not having 10 and 12 installed, though 10 is useless, create some kind of a conflict?

    Thanks for your suggestion, your response will help me to decide


  •  06-20-2008, 21:32 200587 in reply to 200577

    Re: Uninstalling Studio 10+ in Vista HP

    I haven't a clue. As posted, I haven't got S12 yet.

    Best advice so far from other Threads is to keep S11, untill the ok is given to Uninstall it from Pinnacle. Same would apply to S10 I guess. IMO, you should leave it on anyway, incase any further probs are encountered with S12 in the future.

    BTW - If you have S10 -> S10.5, you need to Install separate Vista Installer & then Update to S10.8. If you have S10.6 -> S10.7, you need to install just S10.8 Update.

  •  06-23-2008, 22:08 201837 in reply to 200352

    Re: Uninstalling Studio 10+ in Vista HP

    Try uninstalling it in Safe mode. Or if that fails, repair install Studio 10 and then do the uninstall.
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