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Removing S11 messed up S12

Last post 06-26-2008, 19:43 by shroyro. 28 replies.
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  •  06-23-2008, 19:16 201793 in reply to 201784

    Re: Removing S11 messed up S12

    Duplicated my post -- removed

  •  06-24-2008, 1:55 201876 in reply to 201793

    Re: Removing S11 messed up S12

    (Whew) ... I just completed the Studio 12 upgrade with the following report:

    1) Installed Studio 12 Ultimate - launched and verified that the 11 plug-ins, SmartSound, and HFX 1&2, RTX (vol. 1 only) were present; missing previously purchased premium title content and RTX 2

    2) Installed Studio 12 plug-ins - verified the new plug-ins were present and not locked

    3) Used transfer wizard copy content - verified that all content except RTX2 and my old purchased premium content titles were present

    After reading so many posts about waiting to uninstall 11 I should have known better, but with a few hours to kill I ... 

    4) Uninstalled Studio 11 Ultimate, Studio 11 Bonus DVD - Adorage and Heroglyph also removed

    5) Tried to uninstall Studio 11 but was told I could not because I needed XP SP2 - I originally installed 11 with SP2 but upgraded to SP3 a few months ago so I ...

    6) Uninstalled SP3, uninstalled Studio 11, re-installed SP3, and just for fun did a repair installation of Studio 12 - verified that all premium content, HFX, RTX gone, and received several error dialogs about Adorage/Heroglyph

    7) Ran 12 Installer for Transfer Wizard without previous version installed - this seemed to just setup folders for previous content

    8) Installed Studio 11 Bonus DVD with all content checked - now I have the Studio 11 Bonus DVD back in my programs list (I had removed it in step 4)

    9) Installed Studio 12 as repair - no longer getting errors for adorage/heroglyph, and now have HFX1&2, RTX1&2 plus all my other plugins, except new proDAD vitascene filter is not there

    10) Ran Studio 12 plug-in install to modify the plugins - did nothing, vitascene filter not there

    11) Ran the Adorage service pack specified in the knowledgebase - still nothing 

    12) Ran Studio 12 plug-in install modify once to remove proDAD and again to add proDAD - now vitascene back

    I now have Studio running in good order.  I could have followed the advise of jb41 and avoided the first Transfer Wizard as this was rendered useless upon Studio 11 uninstall and then fixed by the second wizard run.  I could have followed the advise of others (like JJN) and left Studio 11 alone until a new wizard or formal process is available ... didn't.  There's no way I could have avoided the landmine of Studio requiring my original SP2 to uninstall (I've posted to a "sticky" thread for SP3).

    I'm too tired to try out anything now.  I've taken a quick inventory check and all seems where it should be and available (not locked).  I still don't know what to do about the Studio 11 Bonus DVD installed on my computer - do I need to keep this around forever?  This is the one remaining loose end ...

    The best of all is that through all of the steps I took my SmartSound was never affected at all - I continuously verified it was working.  My SmartSound came from Studio 9+ and I had the latest quicktracks installer for Windows XP (

    Good luck to those that follow.  I am now (too late, I'm afraid) firmly in the camp of leaving Studio 11 installed. 


  •  06-26-2008, 19:11 203122 in reply to 201876

    Re: Removing S11 messed up S12

    Thank you for testing and especially posting it on this thread.

  •  06-26-2008, 19:43 203130 in reply to 203122

    Re: Removing S11 messed up S12

    Hi Marc,

    I have now been using S12 for a fews days now and have had no problems (except with Boris Grafitti - but that's because I am not proficient yet!).

    Question: Will I at some point be able to remove the Studio 11 Bonus DVD (which I needed to re-install to get my content back)?

    Suggestion: Fix the Content transfer so that people can select what to move.  In the first transfer while both 12 and 11 were on my PC it copied everything, while the second pass with 11 removed allowed me to be somewhat selective.  Note: I've seen this in another post.

    BTW - I'm diggin' Grafitti and Montage Big Smile


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